The Arts in Columbus (continued)…An Ongoing Feast

Columbus's Art Scene has been alive and kicking this February, and it looks as if we can only expect more.
2, 2015

The arts are thriving in Columbus Ohio. But a ticket to anything.

Who is This Guy Figaro, Anyway?

Adam Cioffari, Figaro for Opera Columbus. From Westerville High School to Berlin, Houston, Stuttgart and Santiago...back to Columbus!
March 2, 2015

Opera Columbus performs Mozart’s comedy of manners, The Marriage of Figaro, at the Southern Theater. Perfect for people who think they hate opera.

Buckeye Philharmonic- OSU’s “Underground” Orchestra

Buckeye Philharmonic with Jaman E. Dunn
The Buckeye Philharmonic exemplifies music for the sake of music.
2, 2015

Chances are you have not heard about the Buckeye Philharmonic yet, but you won’t want to be out of the loop for much longer.

How Many Cultural Events Can Fit into a Weekend?

Columbus Dance Theatre offers 3 performances of Claudel this weekend at the Lincoln Theatre.
27, 2015

A dance performance – and some theatre – and some live music – and a multimedia presentation – and a poetry reading…without ever leaving your seat.

Anne Akiko Meyers Spotlights American Composers

©Erik Madigan Heck
Anne Akiko Meyers with the 1741 ex-Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesu violin.
27, 2015

Anne Akiko Meyers and Boyce Lancaster spoke about her recording, her violin, and this lullaby written for her daughter Natalie which has become her regular nighttime companion.

Mozart Minute: Mozart Wants a Clown Costume. Now.

color image of a portrait of Mozart in which he wears a bright red coat
Catch The Mozart Minute every Friday at noon during the Amadeus Deli, and listen to The Mozart Minute podcast at
February 27, 2015

Mozart wanted to dress up as a clown at a masquerade ball. A funny clown, or a creepy one?

Evelyn Glennie and The Winnipeg Symphony on Classical Showcase

26, 2015

The next Classical Showcase Friday evening at 7 on Classical 101 features the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in a program that reflects Canadian culture and the Manitoba province in particular. This concert is part of the Spring for Music Series at Carnegie Hall in New York City that we’ve been presenting this past month.

Katherine Rhorer And OSU Introduce Louis Aubert

26, 2015

Louis Aubert’s Six Arab Poems is featured on Concerts at Ohio State Sunday March 1 t 1 PM. With Katherine Rhorer, mezzo-soprano and James Jenkins, piano.

Carmen Suite for Four Guitars on Fretworks

25, 2015

Los Romeros, “The Royal Family of the Guitar,” will be featured on the next Fretworks, performing a rousing rendition of the Carmen Suite by Georges Bizet.

George Antheil and Music of the Lost Generation

25, 2015

Introducing American composer George Antheil (1900-1959) who called himself The Bad Boy of Music.