Year In Space

Follow astronaut Scott Kelly’s record-breaking 12-month mission on the International Space Station, from launch to landing, as NASA charts the effects of long-duration spaceflight by comparing him to his identical twin on Earth, astronaut Mark Kelly.

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Denise St. Claire & Judith Goldstein with Columbus Area Mentoring Program. DEBBIE HOLMES

Capital Program Pairs Mentors With Young Adults Aging Out Of Foster Care

Paying bills. Making friends. Finding a job, housing, or even just food. Aging out of foster care brings a range of challenges for young adults thrust into a new world.

A new program at Capital University is trying to help.

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'The Ordering of Moses': An Oratorio 'from Scripture and Folklore'

The Ordering of Moses is an oratorio by Robert Nathaniel Dett, written in 1932. The text, "from scripture and folklore," is a retelling of Moses leading his people out of captivity and into the promis…

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