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The Neil Legacy Society honors those who have invested in WOSU’s tradition of excellence long into the future. This special group of supporters have named WOSU as a beneficiary of a planned gift. This year, Neil Legacy Society members were thanked at a special dinner at the Ohio Union.

Current Neil Legacy Society Members
Elizabeth Angell and Bruce Angell Bob Koblentz
Jill Baumgardner Linda Krumm
Roy Bertossi Craig Lewis
Dan Binau and Kathleen Binau Ada Lindsey
Sarah Boylan Kurt Lykins
Cynthia Brunk Joyce Merryman
Karen Bunning Bob Mizer
Barbara Campbell Carol Mosic
Anton Chin Thomas Murrill and Jackie Murrill
Kristi Cilles Adlai Neubauer and Carol Neubauer
Cathy Cleaveland Suzanne Patterson
Marty Connell Nancy Robinson
Bob Dana and Harriet Dana Larry Magliocca and Karen Sanders
Kathy Fox and Amery Fitch Bill Schiffman and Lynne Aronson
Harlan Friedman Max Schirtzinger and Marie Schirtzinger
Eva Goode Michael Schmidt
Chris Graves James Semeraro
Linda Gunther and Dick Gunther Stephan Smitson
Jim Hartman Mary Sopko
Vivian Harvey Thomas Steltenpohl
Wendy King Marilyn Sullivan
Ann Heffernan Patton Swaim
Christine Hodge Genevieve Szuba
Harold Hodson Phyllis Trepp
Nicki Holloway and Jarrell Holloway Nancy Verber
Leslie Huntington Michael Warner
Mary Keller and Kenneth Keller Carmen Wells