Ohio Veterans Tell Their Stories For Oral History Project

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Senator Says Senate Trial Could Further Erode Americans' Faith in Government

When former President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998, Senator Sherrod Brown was a representative in the U.S. House. Now as a Senator, he’ll be a juror in the trial of President Trump—deciding whether the impeached president should be removed from office. Brown says the process has been much different this time. Brown is concerned about how Senate Republicans will manage the process. Prior to the Clinton proceedings, there was an investigation initiated by attorney general Janet Reno who appointed an independent counsel to handle the probe. This time, attorney general William Barr declined to do the same. Senator Brown believes Barr sees his role differently, "that he's attorney general for the president and not attorney general for the United States," Brown said. Brown is concerned Senate leader Mitch McConnell will not allow witness testimony during the Senate trial and Americans will lose more faith in their government. "My biggest fear here is that McConnell just goes through

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