Drawing with Mr. J


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Drawing with Mr. J is a new video series from WOSU Classroom that helps kids in grades K–5 learn social and emotional skills with art.

Join Mr. J for short, fun, engaging videos with complementary companions to help you bring the video content to life in your classroom. Mr. J is Jonathan Juravich, an elementary art educator from Liberty Tree Elementary School and the 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year.

Mr. J’s personal and professional focus is on the importance of Social and Emotional Learning in our daily lives. This is the topic of his many presentations, including his TED Talk “How Do We Teach Empathy.”

Drawing with Mr J character and stickie notes with drawings

Drawing with Mr J - catus.


Mr. J invites students to draw their own plant with a face, while he explores what it means to feel grumpy and prickly like a cactus.

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