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Fighting Human Trafficking

Governor Kasich recently signed into law the End Demand Act, which takes several steps to end human trafficking in the state. This hour we examine the prevalence of human trafficking in Ohio, and how the law fights against it. We’ll also hear about several local organizations that help survivors of trafficking restore their dignity.

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Anita Hill and Workplace Sexual Harassment

In 1991 Senate Judiciary hearings became captivating television. Law professor Anita Hill accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. What followed was a political firestorm. We’ll talk to Hill about the legacy of her decision to step forward. And we’ll hear from the director of a documentary about Hill and the hearings.

Ohio Treasurer Race; 15th U.S. Congressional District

This hour we continue our series interviewing Ohio candidates. We’ll talk to Connie Pillich, a Democratic 3-term Ohio state rep who is challenging incumbent Josh Mandel for state treasurer. Then it’s a look at the campaign for the 15th U.S. congressional district: we’ll sit down with incumbent Steve Stivers and his challenger, Scott Wharton.

Wellness Wednesday: Halloween Health, Eating Disorders, Ebola

All Ohio hospitals have completed Ebola response drills, but Ohio’s been on high alert ever since a Texas nurse flew to Cleveland before receiving a diagnosis. We’ll talk about the real risks of Ebola, and how local hospitals are managing the threat. Then we’ll discuss the deafening noise of eating disorders, and pollution’s effect on heart health.

Judicial Elections and Campaigns; OH 12th Congressional District

An Ohio Supreme Court candidate recently made remarks some see as overtly partisan. But judges’ party affiliations are not on Ohio ballots, and voters often have little information to go by. We’ll look at how judges campaign, how they’re elected, and if there’s a better way. Then we’ll talk to a candidate for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.

Tech Tuesday: Banner Ads, Online Harassment, Gadgets

Happy birthday, banner ads! Twenty years ago the first banner ads blocked the top of a web page. Sure, they’re annoying, but they subsidize the internet, and this hour we’ll hear the story of how they got started. Then we’ll look at a new poll that explores the extent of online harassment, and we’ll get the latest on telepresence robotics and more

The State of Global Currencies/ Representative Joyce Beatty

Bucks, cheddar, filthy lucre… money is a fundamental fact of life, the key to success and the root of all evil. But it has no inherent value, other than what we give it. We’ll talk about these paradoxes, and how technology has turned traditional banking on its head. Then we’ll talk to US Representative Joyce Beatty, from Ohio’s 3rd district.

STEAM is the Theme of TEDxColumbus

TED talks crept into our consciousness about 25 years ago in California, when a dot-com mogul decided to bring together great thinkers to speak about ideas that matter. TEDxColumbus is one of the first off-shoots of the concept and has grown each year since it was born six years ago.

Reporter Roundtable on Ohio State Politics

Governor Kasich is ahead in the polls and in fundraising. While his presidential aspirations remain unknown, Kasich’s recently took great pains to make sure his position on Obamacare was clear to all. This hour, we discuss state politics and Ohio’s Ebola preparedness plan.

Money Smarts: Security and Growth in a Changing World

By 2030, almost 70 million Americans will be 65 or older. Most will outlive their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, but many will also outlive their savings accounts. According to a new survey most seniors don’t have enough saved up for retirement. This hour we’ll talk with financial expert Jonathan Pond about how to make our money last.

Rick Steves’ European Vacation

If your idea of the London experience is lunch at a McDonald’s in Paddington Station, you might let Rick Steves plan your next trip. This hour of All Sides, the guidebook author and travel expert will share his tips on the right way to travel, including how to stay on budget and how to navigate when you don’t know the language. Bon voyage!

Sunday Casseroles with Betty Rosbottom

Comfort, thy name is casserole. Maybe it’s the warmth of the oven or the communal spirit of one-dish meals, but it’s hard to find a more fitting fall favorite. We’ll talk about sea scallops nestled in piperade, shrimp and lime rice, and creamy baked risotto with butternut squash. You’ll get lots of mouthwatering recipes for the perfect comfort food

Money Smarts: Security and Growth in a Changing World

The wild swings on Wall Street have recently brought new meaning to the term “bull market.” Investors have clung on through 300-point gains and losses, often within hours. Those who survive the whiplash are left to wonder if they should buy, sell, or ride it out. Financial expert Jonathan Pond will discuss staying secure in uncertain times.

Power Foods: Recipes to Strengthen Mind and Memory

A meal of creamy pumpkin bisque, veggie falafel and warm apple cherry compote sounds pretty tasty. But these foods also have protective effects on the brain. That means we have some control over diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, and it starts in the kitchen. This hour we’ll talk about which foods will keep us sharp as we age.

Julie Zickefoose and the Birds of Fall

The last of the warblers are packing their bags for points south, but it’s not too late to check out Ohio’s feathered friends. And in fact, fall is an important time for feeding backyard birds who need energy for migration. This hour we’ll talk about watching local birds, how to get them to the feeder, and how to identify them by sight and song.

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