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Exploring the Night Sky in 2015

Spaceship Earth has take another trip around the sun, bringing us a new year and a new batch of celestial events to observe. This hour, we look forward to the astronomical wonders that will dance across the night sky in 2015.

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All Sides Weekend: Local Music

These long cold nights are definitely not putting a damper on Columbus’s live music. We will talk to local promoters from two popular Columbus venues about the upcoming live music shows and their suggestions. We will also talk with the local band Two2Many and their unique approach to music.

Central Ohio’s Real Estate Market Analysis

The decreased number of foreclosures in Ohio since January of this year signals a positive growth for the housing market. In this hour, we will take a look at the real estate market in central Ohio, and whether the housing market will make a strong comeback for this year.

Religious Sounds and Public Spaces

Recently at Duke University, a controversy over the Muslim call to prayer brought the issue of religious sounds and public spaces to the forefront. Coming up on All Sides: we talk to the author of a book on noise in religion, and how it’s handled in a pluralistic society.

Combating Extremism with Multiculturalism

President Barack Obama held a summit recently that focused on tackling the latest surge in religious extremist violence. We will analyze America’s multiculturalism and how it compares to countries in Europe. Plus, whether or not multiculturalism is the answer against violent attacks done in the name of religion.

Wellness Wednesday: Superbugs, Nutrition Guidelines, Sinus Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 23,000 people die annually from some type of drug-resistant superbug. We’ll take a closer look at how hospitals are combating these deadly infections.

Governor Kasich’s State of the State 2015

Governor Kasich delivered his 2015 State of the State address in Wilmington last night. The governor focused on education, taxes, and programs to deal with poverty and unemployment. This hour, we take a look at the speech itself and at the policies that the governor is working on.

From Hal to Watson: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

It’s the norm now to hear stories about a robot that can play soccer or answer trivia questions, but can we really bridge the gap between “brain-like” components and the human brain? This hour we’ll talk about the trajectory of artificial intelligence, what advancements we’ve made, and the technology that will form the basis of a brave new world.

Domestic Violence and the Law

Domestic violence has recently made headlines, from here in Ohio to throughout the nation. In this hour, we will take a look at the laws in regards to domestic violence in Ohio, and how the state is taking steps in order to help prevent domestic violence cases.

Psychedelic Treatments

Psychedelic drugs like LSD were made illegal by various states in the 1960s, then by the federal government in 1970. Now, researchers are re-evaluating their therapeutic role in reducing anxiety and treating mental illnesses. Join us this hour to look at new findings on this topic.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

During his balanced budget amendment campaign trip to South Carolina last week, Governor John Kasich once again dodged questions of a possible bid for the 2016 elections. We will also discuss whether or not former Governor Ted Strickland will make a play for Senate.

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

In this hour, we take a look at a joint production of Terrence McNally’s Master Class, put together by CATCO and Opera Columbus. Also, we discuss the upcoming VOX ON THE ROCKS collaboration between the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus and and the Columbus Jazz Orchestra.

ISIS Recruiting Tactics

By now we’ve seen videos of new ISIS recruits, many of whom are women, children and converts to Islam. Experts say this terror group’s appeal for recruits rests in its strong moral pull, promises of power and deep distortion of reality.

The Unsung Professions of the Film Industry

The annual Academy Awards honors the actors, actresses, and directors and their roles in the movie making process. In this hour, we will discuss the behind-the-scenes professions that are not always acknowledged for their work in the film industry.

State of the City Panel

In advancement of Mayor Coleman’s State of the City speech, our panel will take a look at the issues facing central Ohio. Where is Columbus, and where is it going? We look at Franklinton, local small businesses in Columbus, and the place of Columbus in the national landscape.

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