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Freedom Summer: Fifty Years Later

In the summer of 1964, students from Ohio and across the US gathered in Mississippi to promote black voter education and registration. The movement turned violent, but their efforts paved the way for the passage of the Voting Rights Act. This hour we’ll look back at Freedom Summer, and the efforts of Ohio students to further this brave legacy.

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Real Estate Slowly Improving in Ohio

The gains have been slow, but the economy seems to be improving. One hopeful sign is foreclosure rates, which are back to pre-recession levels in Ohio and around the country. At the same time, the homeownership rate is the lowest in 20 years. We’ll talk about the housing market in central Ohio, and what trends to expect in the near future.

Mass Incarceration: Victim Advocacy

You might think victims of crimes want perpetrators locked up for life, but that’s not always the case. In this installment of our series on mass incarceration, we’ll examine the role of the victim in Ohio’s criminal justice system. We’ll look at rise of the victims’ rights lobby, and how victim testimony affects the chances for parole.

Wellness Wednesday: Birth Control, Reflux Cough, Nature Medicine

Chronic coughers may think they have asthma, but millions of Americans have a cough that doesn’t begin in the lungs– it begins in the gut. We’ll talk about silent airway reflux, its symptoms and how to stop it. We’ll also hear why doctors feel contraceptives are essential to wellness, and learn how mother nature is inspiring medical innovations.

Ohio’s Charter School Oversights

Last Tuesday, a group of four former Horizon teachers testified for the State Board of Education. Accusations included manipulated attendance records, inappropriate sexual behavior and improper state test handling. Charter schools have more leeway to innovate, but critics worry that they aren’t being held accountable. We’ll learn more this hour.

Tech Tuesday: Robot Journalists, Summer Tech, Gadgets

A dull news article may feel like it’s been written by robots, and thanks to new technology, it’s a real possibility. This hour we’ll talk about where robot journalism is popping up. We’ll also learn about some gadgets essential to having a fun and expeditious summer, and what’s new in the world of home help robots, gaming, and clothes drying.

Of the People: Barriers to Political Office

There are more Asian-Americans, Latinos and women in Congress than ever before. Yet they still remain sorely under-represented in the legislature. Millionaires, however, make up over 66 percent of the Senate. We’ll look at the barriers to running for office, and talk about how political parties are encouraging more diversity among candidates.

Harding and the Marion Star: Newspapers and Politicians

Warren G. Harding’s stint as president often overshadows the thirty-nine years he spent as owner of the Marion Daily Star, in Marion, Ohio. This hour we’ll talk about how Harding’s days as a newspaperman shaped his presidency; we’ll discuss the rise and fall of the family-owned paper, and the intersection of the press and politics.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Ed Fitzgerald, launched his first ad aimed at the working class last week. He said Governor Kasich’s tax cuts only help the wealthy, and “Ohio is meant for all of us.” We’ll discuss the governor’s race, the misconduct investigation into a chain of charter schools, and what LeBron James’ return means for Cleveland.

All Sides Weekend: Arts

The arts scene is heating up this summer with lots of dance and theater events. This hour we’ll talk about what’s new at the Columbus Museum of Art, what’s traveling all the way from Broadway, and what’s playing here in our own backyard.

Libraries of the Future

While 91 percent of Americans think libraries are important to their communities, only 30 percent say they are highly engaged with their public library. Modern librarians struggle with staff shortages, budget cuts, and a changing technology landscape. This hour, we’ll talk about how libraries are adapting to the 21st Century.

Mass Incarceration: Ohio’s Recidivism Rate

In the latest installment of our series on mass incarceration, we’ll examine recidivism– the rate at which prisoners return to prison. Ohio’s rate is lower than the national average, which experts attribute to improved risk assessment, case management and transitional programs. We’ll talk about what’s working and what’s not, this hour.

Wellness Wednesday: Fun Runs, Aging Well, Soylent Beige

If you’d like to start running, but wish it involved more zombies, you’re in luck! Non- traditional races are now far more popular than your standard 10K. We’ll examine the meteoric rise of the fun run. And with 75 million Americans turning 60 or more, we’ll learn how to make the most of our later years. Plus, we’ll get the latest nutrition news.

RNC Picks Cleveland: What does it mean for Columbus?

The Republican National Committee recently chose Cleveland as the host of its 2016 political convention. This is good news for northeast Ohio, but it left some Washingtonians scratching their heads. This hour we’ll talk about that, and about whether the RNC’s choice helps or hinders Columbus’ chances of hosting the Democratic convention.

Tech Tuesday: Smart Watch Apps, Dark Wallet, Gadgets

For those who want to be really close to technology, Google recently introduced Android Wear, a line of wearable software, including a smartwatch that brings a ton of apps from your phone to your wrist. We’ll learn more this hour. We’ll also talk about crypto-anarchists creating ungovernable weapons, and get the latest in gadgetry.

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