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Studio Production

With facilities at Fawcett Center, WOSU Productions offers full set capabilities, and the latest in production equipment and services.

The Fawcett Center facilities of WOSU Public Media include two studios on the campus of The Ohio State University. These studios can be a cost-effective production center to accommodate SD or analog broadcasts or High Definition with robotic cameras.

Studio A

Studio A is a 1200 sq. ft. studio space which can typically accommodate a medium-sized set, cameras and an audience of 30 to 40 people. The studio includes:

  • Tall stationary seamless cyc
  • Black velour curtains
  • Movable lighting battens
  • Quartz lighting
  • Leprecon lighting control
  • One camera prompter; other prompter copy viewable on monitors
  • Up to six Sony robotic cameras; three CMOS, three CCD

Studio B

Studio B has 240 sq. ft. of usable studio space which can accommodate a small set, for single or two-person interviews, and a small audience of up to ten people. This space includes:

  • Black velour curtains
  • Fixed lighting battens
  • Quartz lighting
  • The same camera complement as used in Studio A

The Control Room

The Control Room is adjacent to Studio A and has a large window which allows a view of that
studio. Equipment and capabilities of the control room are:

  • Chyron Max character generator – two channel
  • RTS intercom
  • Wireless IFB
  • Gentner on-air telephone call system
  • HD computer imagery available using Sony AnyCast
  • Studer Audio Mixer
  • Audio Booth for announcing and VO
  • 360 audio spot recorder/player
  • Teleprompter
  • Tape Format: Digital Beta, Beta SP, DVcam
  • B/W CRT monitor wall (Preview & Program in color)

Multi-camera Remote Production

  • Two SONY AnyCast units that will allow a very cost-effective multi-camera production
  • Your production can be recorded in High Definition or Standard Definition
  • Each unit has three robotic cameras
  • PowerPoint presentations are easy to add to your production
  • The AnyCast has a video out that can be fed to a video projector