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Written by: Hannah Litz
Date: October 5, 2020

Learning is not “one size fits all.” Every learner comes to the classroom with different backgrounds and levels of experience that require different content for each class. WOSU Classroom has always strived to provide high-quality professional development created by teachers, for teachers. In today’s uncertain and dynamic world, teachers need a professional development learning system that allows them to customize their own learning path with content that engages their minds and fits their needs.

With this in mind, WOSU Classroom has collaborated with our fellow Ohio EdTech leaders at SOITA and CET PBS to create Teacher Campus, a new subscription-based professional development service designed to fit the diverse needs of educators across Ohio and beyond. Through the advanced features of the Tovuti learning platform and the expertise of our partners, an immersive learning experience is now available for educators.

Teacher Campus provides self-paced learning along with real-time instruction, forums, and interactive lessons, all designed to help PreK-12 educators achieve their professional goals and master the educational technology tools they need to help their students succeed in any learning environment. A variety of subscription models are incorporated to accommodate every teacher or district’s unique learning goals in order to make this platform accessible to a wide range of educators.

Students today are facing new challenges with classes going hybrid or entirely remote, and educators are seeking ways to create environments that overcome these potential learning barriers. “We are very excited to bring this new resource to teachers across Central Ohio,” said Amy Palermo, Chief Content Director, WOSU Classroom. “With courses on Best Practices for Videoconferencing with Students, Designing Lessons for Remote Learning, and Interactive Web Tools, Teacher Campus enables educators to adapt their classrooms, whether physical or virtual, to better meet their students’ needs.”

Teacher Campus was designed on the award-winning Tovuti platform in order to foster a user-friendly interface that allows educators to easily access our online learning courses from anywhere. Tovuti was designed to support education in all its forms through fully-customizable learning management systems that have helped countless educators expand their knowledge. 

Through this partnership, we’ve worked to identify critical distance learning needs and build engaging digital content infused with the pedagogical practices that make in-person classroom experiences so effective. This partnership will allow us to reach more educators in a time where community and shared knowledge and experience are needed most.