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Written by: Hannah Litz
Date: March 17, 2020

Daniel Tiger washing his paws with Daddy Tiger

Not sure where to start the conversation about coronavirus and COVID-19 with your little ones? No worries! PBS has you covered with a collection of resources for calming any fears your child may have about catching the bug, debunking what they may have heard on the playground, and reassuring them that everything will be okay. Empower your students to keep themselves and others safe from germs by practicing the healthy habits outlined in this article by educator and parent, Deborah Farmer Kris.

The article is complete with resources for parents and clips of your favorite PBS Kids show characters practicing healthy habits like hand washing, resting when ill, and catching coughs and sneezes the right way.

PBS is your trusted source for information as an educator, parent, or life-long learner. The PBS Parents site has resources for everything from craft ideas to finding books with empowering role models to age-appropriate chore ideas.

Resources for Parents & Caregivers
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Drawing with Mr. J helps students learn to understand and express their emotions through mini drawing challenges
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Resources for Kids

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:
Doctor Daniel Game
In My Bathroom Game
Play at Home with Daniel Tiger App
“Rest is Best” Strategy Song (video)
Germs Germs Go Away (video)
Sesame Street:
Abby and Elmo’s Potty Plan! Game
Step by Step Handwashing with Elmo
Elmo and Rosita: The Right Way to Sneeze! (video)
Curious George:
George the Germophobe (video)
Super Why!:
ABC Scrub With Me!

Resources for Educators:  View Learning At Home