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Written by: Hannah Litz
Date: January 28, 2020

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The 2020 Ohio Educational Technology Conference is just around the corner and we’re excited to showcase our new projects! At our booth (#1413), we’ll be premiering our new web-series, Drawing with Mr. J, which features Ohio’s 2018 Teacher of the Year, Jon Juravich, showing viewers how to work through different emotions and express themselves through simple yet effective drawing challenges. When you visit our booth, you’ll be able to watch the first episode of the series and add your drawing to our collaborative canvas! We’ll also be handing out all-new WOSU Classroom merch and info on how you can win $1,000 for your classroom!

We will also be presenting 4 sessions on educational resources:

The Ohio Learning Hub: FREE for All Ohio Educators
Amy Palermo, Bill Mooney, and Mark Pohlman
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

The Ohio Learning Hub showcases Ohio teachers, effective teaching practices, and resources for self-guided professional learning. Find out how your district can use these FREE modules to build a professional learning plan customized to your district’s needs.

This collaborative project showcases Ohio educators along the continuum of implementation, modeling their practice and experiences with research-based teaching strategies. Each module includes videos of practices from Ohio schools, resources for professional learning, walk-through look fors, choice boards, and rubrics for assessing evidence of learning. The Ohio Learning Hub was created in collaboration with WOSU Classroom, the ESC of Central Ohio, and Delaware, Fairbanks, Grandview Heights, Hilliard, Olentangy, and Westerville school districts.


Featured Speaker Session: Digital Wellness – Flipping The Script
Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Session 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Union Station Ballroom A
Amy Palermo and Rich Boettner

Technology is an amazing tool that provides incredible access and power for students.  But technology access is not without its challenges: screen time, tech addiction, cyberbullying, viruses, plagiarism, and identity theft to name a few.  There are so many problems that students can get caught up in S0 lets Flip The Script.  Stop scurrying to clean up the damage and missed opportunities caused by the 24/7 digital world.  It’s time for a revolution!  Through education and community, we are changing the way we view digital wellness.  Education is the catalyst for helping students live a healthy life in a digital world. Devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets have vastly improved the way we learn, solve problems, and work in our daily lives. In our increasingly technology-rich world, it is essential that students are equipped to lead a balanced and healthy digital lifestyle for success in school, at home, and in their future careers.


Social-Emotional Learning with WOSU and PBS Learning
Ellen Cahill and Jonathan Juravich
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

WOSU Public Media is uniquely positioned to foster social-emotional development in pre-school and elementary school. The broadcast and digital assets of PBS Kids are trusted by parents, have a wide following with families, and are aligned with early learning and development standards recognized by educators and policymakers. This session provides a strong foundation in social and emotional awareness content integrating PBS Learning Apps, WOSU Public Media’s Ready to Learn resources, and a new video series, Drawing with Mr. J, to engage early learning educators with students and their families. Educators will learn how to put into action educational programing to open the door for rich conversations between children, parents, and educators about self-regulation, agency, identity and emotional balance aligned with Ohio’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards.

As a special bonus in this session, Mr. J, Ohio’s 2018 Educator of the Year, will share his insights to create the space for rich conversations about interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness using visual arts as the vehicle. The Quick Draw provides students with a prompt that is universal and a spark for creativity. Students are given 2 minutes to draw on square pieces of paper the size of a traditional sticky-note. The detail and expression that are possible within that two minutes speak to the importance of visual art as a leader in teaching SEL skills as well as the 21st Century skills of creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Educators will learn how to utilize these resources easily in their settings to create meaningful partnerships between home and school.


Google for Littles
Elizabeth Curtis
Thursday, February 13, 2020
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

This session is designed around providing tasks, templates and learning objectives for students on the elementary level. The goal is to simply integrate more digital aspects into the classroom using Google’s Educational apps. Together we will explore ways to incorporate digital skills using apps such as Google Docs, Forms, Slides, and Drawings. You will leave motivated to embrace digital tasks for your littles throughout the school year.