Written by: Stacia Hentz
Date: June 30, 2017

Watch fireworks in Washington D.C., on a Capitol Fourth Tuesday at 8pm on WOSU TV.

Watch fireworks from Washington D.C., on a Capitol Fourth Tuesday at 8pm on WOSU TV. Photo: Courtesy of Capital Concerts

All week I’ve heard the high school band off in the distance practicing for their performance in the July 4th parade. I’ve also been tuned to the weather report all week to see if, like last year, I’ll need my rain poncho. Let’s hope not.  

This weekend WOSU TV begins it’s celebration of America’s Independence Day beginning at 1pm on the Sunday Showcase with Ken Burn’s film Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery. We top off our celebration Tuesday night at 8pm with viewer favorite A Capitol Fourth 2017, with new host John Stamos.

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery first premiered in 1997. As with most of Ken Burn’s films it’s not just about the two expedition leaders but the entire team, including the Shoshone woman named Sacagawea, and of course the land.

The vast expanse of the undiscovered West. The first American exploration of the West, mapping the route and recording their impressions of the spectacular land they encountered. It’s a great film that really puts you into the corps trials and tribulations and wonderful discoveries on their trek to the Pacific.

Here’s’ a clip from Charlie Rose of Ken Burn’s and Dayton Duncan discussing the program.

On Tuesday, July 4th join us at 8pm for A Capitol Fourth celebration. A star-studded musical event, broadcast live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, is topped off by the most dazzling display of fireworks in honor of the country’s 241st birthday.

This year, Emmy Award-nominated actor and producer John Stamos steps in as host. There’s quite a line-up of all-star musical guests, which include The Beach Boys, The Blue’s Brothers with Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi, country music singers Kellie Pickler and Trace Adkins and legendary Motown stars The Four Tops. As always a rousing rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” complete with live cannon fire, ushers in the grande finale.

Encore presentations will air Tuesday, July 4 at 9:30pm on WOSU TV and Wednesday, July 5 at 8pm on WOSUplus (34.3).

If you want a little more history and a little less music and fireworks tune to WOSUohio (34.2), on Tuesday the 4th at 8pm, for Inventing America: Making a Government.  Making a Government brings our Founding Fathers back to life in a talk show format filmed before a live audience.

The program focuses on the story behind the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  Actors portraying James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Gouverneur Morris and George Washington discuss the conflicts and compromises that led to creating the American republic. The conversation between the participants in the program is based on fact, using the Founders’ actual words. It’s a unique and entertaining presentation of this important event in our country’s history.

I hope you’ll join us, or set your DVR, for the America’s Independence Day celebration specials on WOSU.