Written by: Nick Houser
Date: October 16, 2016

Mark Williams is Father Brown.

Mark Williams is Father Brown.

Welcome back to the world of Father Brown. This is England in the 1950s – a countryside dotted with small villages, rural parish churches and large country houses. Watch Father Brown on its new night and time, Saturdays at 10pm on WOSU TV starting October 22, 2016.

In this series Father Brown finds himself embroiled with the Secret Service, which puts Lady Felicia in a compromising position. Will she betray her friend?

The Man in the Shadows | Saturday, October 22 at 9pm
Father Brown finds himself embroiled with MI5, which puts Lady Felicia in a compromising position. To protect secrets in her own past, will she betray her friend? Watch Preview.

The Cure of Amenhotep | Saturday, October 29 at 9pm
After Sir Raleigh’s new bride insists on seeing his Egyptian mummy, her dead body is found in a locked room. Father Brown investigates – has Amenhotep risen from the dead? Watch Preview.

The Invisible Man | Saturday, November 5 at 9pm
The circus brings death to Kembleford when a clown is murdered. Father Brown must determine who the killer is and why a parishioner has agreed to marry the sinister wizard Welkin. Watch Preview.

The Sign of the Broken Sword | Saturday, November 12 at 9pm
A murder at the local army barracks using a legendary broken sword leads Father Brown to investigate another death at Dunkirk some 13 years ago. Watch Preview.

The Last Man | Saturday, November 19 at 9pm
When Kembleford’s new cricket captain is framed for murder, Father Brown must prove his innocence to give his team any chance of beating neighboring village Hambleston. Watch Preview.

The Upcott Fraternity | Saturday, December 10 at 9pm
Father Brown witnesses the apparent suicide of a troubled student at Upcott Seminary. Convinced a murderer is at work, he persuades Sid to go undercover to flush out the killer. Watch Preview.

The Kembleford Boggart | Saturday, December 17 at 9pm
When the father of a young writer is found dead, tension mounts against the travelers in Kembleford. Father Brown must uncover the truth before one of them is sent to the gallows. Watch Preview.

The Lair of the Libertines | Saturday, December 24 at 9pm
Father Brown and his friends find themselves stranded with a group of hedonists. They soon become desperate to escape, for at Hotel Cuba, the dish of the day is death. Watch Preview.

The Truth in the Wine | Saturday, December 31 at 9pm
When a body is discovered in a vineyard, Father Brown must search for the murderer amongst a group of suspects all seeking to reinvent themselves. Watch Preview.

The Judgement of Man | Saturday, January 7 at 9pm
Father Brown becomes embroiled in an audacious art heist masterminded by his adversary Flambeau, who intends to use the priest and his friends to help him settle an old score. Watch Preview.

The Time Machine | Saturday, January 14 at 9pm
Father Brown visits Jacob, who is determined to prove that a member of his family killed his father a year ago by using his new invention – a time machine. Watch Preview.

The Standing Stones | Saturday, January 21 at 9pm
A death at the stone circle of a polio-stricken village leads Father Brown to conclude that dark forces are at work and that another sacrifice may be imminent. Watch Preview.

The Paradise of Thieves | Saturday, January 28 at 9pm
When a dead man is found inside a locked bank vault, Father Brown must solve the mystery to save an innocent man from paying the ultimate price. Watch Preview.

The Deadly Seal | Saturday, February 4 at 9pm
Father Brown finds himself in an impossible situation when he is told, under the seal of confession, that Bishop Talbot will be assassinated tomorrow. Watch Preview.

The Owl of Minerva | Saturday, February 11 at 9pm
A fugitive takes sanctuary in St Mary’s and asks for help. Father Brown is stunned to realize that the man in the confessional is Inspector Sullivan…and he’s wanted for murder. Watch Preview.


  • Klaus VonNudelman

    At least you guys are treating him with respect. The rest of PBS is disgusting.

    • GGW1970

      You are obviously not watching the same PBS as I am. Every series is fantastic and most well done!

  • grandmasitter

    When does Season 4 start?

    • GGW1970

      June 18, 2017

  • Josephine White

    Miss Fisher’s mysteries are the most well written and beautifully costumed show on television any country, any genre. I am from New Mexico, (not New and Not Mexico,). I watch this show with my grand daughters and we all love Miss Fisher. To end it at season 3 is totally unreasonable. Let’s get the gang back together and protest, write, blog, twitter or what ever to make them do more. I am a month from being 70, so I will write real letters. Jo White, USA.

    • Celia R. Javadi

      I agree.

      Are you the Jo White who put the Mooney family history on the Everything Cherokee website?

  • Donna Steele

    Fishers mysteries, season 3 is over. Bummer. I am waiting for season 4. While I am waiting, how about a repeat of 1, 2, & 3. Doc. Martin, as Time Goes by, and Keeping up Appearance, do it. I would love to watch the repeats.