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Written by: Nick Houser
Date: January 17, 2020

Angel and Dick Strawbridge in Escape To The Chateau

Restorations have gone well and business is booming, but the job is not yet done for Dick and Angel Strawbridge. Escape To The Chateau returns with 10 new episodes and follows the Strawbridge family’s life as they continue renovations, hit the peak of events season, and prepare for a magical Christmas.

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Episode Descriptions

Season 4
Weddings, Stables, & Staircases | Monday, January 20, 10pm
A busy summer with seven weddings and fourteen food lovers’ weekends to prepare, as well as fixing the stables and gardens.

Harvest and Birthday | Monday, January 27, 10pm
Angel plans for a floating geodesic dome over the moat. They celebrate Dick’s birthday.

A Floating Dome | Monday, February 3, 10pm
Dick tackles the chateau’s crumbling stucco while Angel finishes the geodesic dome over the moat. The family use it well with a sleepover under the stars.

Season 5
Glamping | Monday, February 10, 10pm
Dick and Angel throw open the shutters of their French chateau for a new season, as they work to create a luxury “glamping” experience and contend with frequent rain showers.

In the Attic | Monday, February 17, 10pm
Angel plans a stunning attic studio. She and Dorothy go on a mother-daughter trip to Paris and Dick’s busy in the outbuildings. There’s a surprise birthday event – with popcorn.

Parkour & Turret | Monday, February 24, 10pm
Angel creates a series of rooms in the chateau’s pepper-pot turret. Dick opens up a parkour fitness trail in the grounds, but he hits an unexpected snag.

Peak Summer | Monday, March 16, 10pm
It’s the height of summer and the heat is on for Dick and Angel, with the peak of the events season, wedding cakes melting, school holidays, a boating lake, and a leaky boat.

Cafe Grandma | Monday, March 23, 10pm
Before winter sets in, Dick plows the wildflower meadow and joins with Angel in bringing the dilapidated coach house back to life in a bid to create “Cafe Grandma.”

Harvest Time | Monday, March 30, 10pm
It’s harvest time at the chateau. Yet, there’s still time for family wheelbarrow races, a swish makeover for the basement, and to convert the old piggery into a chicken coop.

…at Christmas | Monday, April 6, 10pm
Dick and Angel are preparing for a magical Christmas at the chateau with festive treats for family and friends, including Dick’s walnut wine and a super-sized Christmas tree.