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Find out how exercise changes more than just your muscles as experts describe the physiological and psychological changes that can help make us happier, more social and more focused, regardless of our athletic abilities.

Exercise Is A Modern Concept

Dr. Daniel E. Liebermann of the department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University dives deep into his research on the evolution of human physical activity: why we exercise now and why our ancestors never needed a gym to stay healthy.


How Exercise Affects The Body

Dr. Wendy Suzuki, professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University talks about her recent research studying how aerobic exercise can be used to improve learning, memory and higher cognitive abilities.


Exercise and Joy

Dr. Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist at Stanford University and author of The Joy of Movement, discusses her findings about how exercise and movement changes your brain chemistry.


Humans Can Outrun Horses

You can outrun a horse – and for this you can thank human evolution. Dr. Daniel Lieberman, a paleoanthropologist explains on QED with Dr. B why this is the case.


QED with Dr. B

QED with Dr. B, is a fun and informative science series, co-produced by WOSU Public Media and the Center for Science and Industry (COSI), that talks one-on-one with the scientists, engineers and innovators who are redefining how we interact with our world.

Watch the series online or on WOSU TV on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.