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Scientists around the world are working to develop innovative energy solutions. Dr. B travels to Oak Ridge National Laboratory to speak with leading experts about advances in nuclear fusion, materials science, and biofuels.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Thomas Zacharia, Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, talks about the 17 National Labs run by the U.S. Department of Energy. With large teams of people from all different areas of expertise, the National Labs are working to innovate and transform the fields of research and energy.


Fusion Energy
Can we recreate the energy of the stars here on Earth? Dr. Mickey Wade, Director of the Fusion Energy Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, explains the progress that has been made in the field of fusion energy. Fusion has the potential to be a nearly inexhaustible energy source with zero greenhouse gas emissions.


Materials Science
How does the atomic structure of a material impact how that material behaves? Dr. Valentino Cooper explains how theoretical research on the electronic structure of a material tells scientists what materials are useful for energy solutions.


Scientists are looking to microbes to help produce biofuels and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Dr. Carrie Eckert explains how her team is using advances in genetic engineering as tools to aid in more efficient and sustainable biofuel production.


QED with Dr. B

QED with Dr. B, is a fun and informative science series, co-produced by WOSU Public Media and the Center for Science and Industry (COSI), that talks one-on-one with the scientists, engineers and innovators who are redefining how we interact with our world.

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