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When we look to the sky in search of extraterrestrial life, what exactly are we looking for? Find out how microorganisms, exoplanets and radio waves contribute to the search for life among the stars.

What Alien Life Looks Like

Astrobiologist Dr. Nathalie Cabrol, director of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe at the SETI Institute in Mountain View California, studies organisms living in the most extreme climates of our earth. These findings, she tells Dr. B, are an essential tool in the search for life on Mars. Chances are, alien life doesn’t look like a small green human – but is much more likely to be microscopic.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Astronomer Dr. Jill Tarter, co-Founder and Chair Emeritus of the SETI institute – the institute searching for both extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial intelligence, demonstrates how scientists are ‘listening’ for signs of life in the universe.

QED with Dr. B

QED with Dr. B, is a fun and informative science series, co-produced by WOSU Public Media and the Center for Science and Industry (COSI), that talks one-on-one with the scientists, engineers and innovators who are redefining how we interact with our world.

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