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Experts today grapple with the complexity of studying human emotions. Explore myths, learn how researchers use animals to better understand human emotional states, and see how an unexpected finding shed new light on early emotional development.


Defining And Understanding Emotions
There are a lot of myths out there about emotions, including what they are and how they arise in the brain. Dr. Lisa Barrett explains how her research is beginning to break down those myths. She explains how, with practice, you can help train your brain to become the architect of its own experience.


Using Animals To Study Emotions
It is challenging to use humans to study emotional states, partially because emotions are highly subjective. Dr. David Anderson explains how his team at the California Institute of Technology uses animal models to better understand the evolutionary precursors of emotions.


Early Childhood And Emotions
Emotions arise in the brain, but when? Dr. Zeynip Saygin’s lab scans newborn brains to learn about brain connections. Their studies indicate that newborns are born with many connections, some of which may be tied to emotions. These connections will strengthen or weaken over time based on the child’s environment and experiences.


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