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Learn how to better communicate with others about climate change with help from history, ethics and communication.

In this episode we meet a historian, a scientist, a communications expert and an ethicist as we piece together what climate means to us as a society and how we can better communicate with others about climate science and climate change.

History Of Talking About Climate Science

Ohio State Historian John Brooke is the author of Climate Change and the Course of Global History: A Rough Journey. He explains the impact of humans on the climate throughout history.

How Climate Change Impacts You

Dr. Aaron Wilson, an atmospheric scientist at the Byrd Polar Research Institute, speaks to how he inspires others to talk about climate science and why the climate matters to Ohioans.

Climate Science Communication

Dr. Sara Yeo, Assistant Professor in Department of Communication, University of Utah discusses the Knowledge Deficit Model of science literacy and uncovers how biases can filter our capacity for learning.

Ethics Of Climate Change

Dr. Art Caplan, a Professor of Bioethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, discusses the ethical issues surrounding climate change.

QED with Dr. B

QED with Dr. B, is a fun and informative science series, co-produced by WOSU Public Media and the Center for Science and Industry (COSI), that talks one-on-one with the scientists, engineers and innovators who are redefining how we interact with our world.

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