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“‘Waking Up’ was actually the second song that we ever wrote, so that’s the first song that we played [in the Broad & High studios]. It was on the first A-side, B-side that we released. It feels so long ago – it’s not that long ago – but it really does, like, writing that song feels like a while ago.

I think we were both going through, like, transitional band phases. Sean was in a band, and I was in a band. And I was phasing out, and their band was changing. And so what we were all working on sort of ended up being this, like, trying to reclaim a sound and forge something new and still feel good about it. I don’t know, that’s how I feel about the song at least.

I feel like the song is about moving forward – waking up.” —Emma Swysgood, Mungbean vocalist

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