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“‘Wait’ sat around for a while,” drummer James Gaiters says. “I didn’t write that for this band, and that song didn’t have a title. But I’ve played it with other musical configurations. And because it didn’t have a title, I called it ‘Wait’ – because I was waiting on a title.

“But then, I kind of was inspired to the effect of, that tune could be perfect for this group. Especially with the addition of [DJ Krate Digga] and the Martin Luther King Jr. samples, in specific the speech where he says “Wait” in the speech. And another key phrase was when Martin Luther King Jr. talked about justice delayed too long is justice denied.

“That seems to be a constant struggle with us. We’re just looking for justice, you know. We’re looking for balance, and we’re always told, it’s coming. So that’s where that tune came from.”

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