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Lisa Brokaw: “’The Door is, kind of, independent parts that happened to work together. But the little riff that I was playing when I – I hate writing lyrics, and I think Joe, when he was finally like, ‘OK, what are you going to sing at this part?’ And I was just like, eh, just whatever came out.

But it was in reference to: I have a couple of cats, and I feel like every morning I can just hear them outside of the door, like, crying.

So that’s like, ‘I can hear you crying / through the door / I can tell you’re lying,’ because I’m always like, ‘You guys aren’t starving to death, like, you can wait for breakfast.’ So that’s pretty much my part of that. And then, I think Joe just, kind of, rolled off of that.”

Joe Camerlengo: “Yeah, I think I knew what your lyrics were, and then I said I would write a chorus. When I wrote the riff for the beginning of the song, like, you know, years before I met Lisa, I was waiting.

And so, it was almost like my waiting song. Like, it’s like my elevator music guitar part that I can just play on repeat for as long as I need to.

And then, I think just something between that part of the music and then what Lisa was singing about in the verse – as you can tell, we don’t think about our lyrics much, which doesn’t mean we don’t care. I think that’s why there’s a level of honesty to the band.”

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