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Andre Walker (drums): “So ‘Jonezin Fonzey’ was basically a sample from, like, a 1950s big-band record. … [Our song is] mostly a cross between big-band jazz and hip-hop. So that’s where you kind of get the two different parts from.”

Eric Rollin (vocals): “The first words of that song are, ‘This is that hustle beat.’ And I remember when ’Dre first sent it to me, I was listening to it, and I was with Carlos. Carlos was giving me a tattoo, I think. We were sitting there, and he was like, ‘Yeah, bro. This is that hustle beat.’

“I was sitting there listening to it because I was trying to write it, and I was like, ‘This is that hustle beat. Yeah, it’s that hustle beat.'”

Band members: [Laughs]

Eric: “That’s how I started writing that song. And then it went from there.”

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