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“I was writing [‘Golden Hour’] in the summertime last summer. And I spent a good deal of time on the West Coast when I was in my late teens, early 20s – just kind of living out there and doing whatever nonsense I could find to do, making some music and, you know, wasting some time.

“And there was just a vibe out there of, like, everybody in that sort of age group wanting to go – everybody wanted to go and be free. But they were all just so stuck. It felt like everyone was just trying so hard to move, but they actually weren’t trying at all.

“And the feeling of that, kind of, stuck with me. I was sitting on my porch last summer, and I just looked up and the sun was coming down. And it was actually the golden hour, you know, the photography preference, when the lighting is the best.

And it just all kind of came out at once. And I guess it’s just sort of about that feeling of, you know, being young and wanting to go experience the world and wanting to leave your surroundings but you don’t have any means to do that … It’s just all the wanting to and none of the making it happen.” —Souther vocalist and guitarist Carly Fratianne

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