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Sarah Overdier: “Beer and Lemonade” is really kind of written by all of us. I was in a dry spell of creativity, and my husband and I didn’t have any air conditioning at the time. And I’m from the north, so I don’t do heat at all. And I’m not really a big drinker. I’m all about the sweet stuff, and my husband loves, like, all these craft beers and things. So I just had a verse and a chorus. I wanted something that we could all really harmonize on. And I thought it was actually a really stupid song. But I was like, “Here, guys, I have this little jingle here.”

Emily Ng: When it had “guacamole” in it, I had my doubts. But we changed it.

All: [Laughs]

Sarah: I had somehow rhymed guacamole in there – it was just the placeholder text. And Emily was like, “No.”

Emily: I was mean about that [laughs].

Sarah: I gave it to the girls, and they helped me flesh that one out and helped with some lyrics.

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