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Andre Walker (drums): “Brother B” is just a remix of the old “Brother B” we did. We just kind of wanted to put it to a new beat – maybe I just wanted to put it to a new beat.

Band members: [Laughs]

Andre: But either way, I like it. So “Brother B” is basically a song about a dude I just met, like, not more than three days ago at the Walrus. And he’s a guy who, you know, he’s cool as heck. He just never seems to remember Eric when he sees him.

Eric Rollin (vocals): [Laughs]. He remembers me now.

Andre: He remembers you now, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, back in the day, he never remembered me.

Andre: I think a lot of those lyrics are special because I think Eric’s kind of – I don’t know, I don’t want to tell the story. He can tell that.

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