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Emma Swysgood (vocalist): “Aimed at You” is one of the newer songs that we’ve put out. You (Sean) wrote the song …

Sean Gleeson (guitarist, vocalist): I started it when you were out of town, I think, for like a month.

Emma: Oh, yeah.

Sean: I don’t know, we were in a weird patch like at the end of last year – going through like a lot of band changes and life changes and …

Changes with other bands?

Emma: In our band. Like, we lost our drummer and then …

Sean: And it was back to the two of us. And I was like, you know, I could really use a new slate or whatever, just kind of looking at things in a new way. It’s almost exactly how we were two years ago, writing the other two songs (“Waking Up” and “Slow Motion“).

But it was more – I pretty much just wrote this song to [Emma]. We were kind of moving forward, just trying to, like, tighten things, as friends, as bandmates and – I don’t know, she came home and was like, “This is really cool. I know exactly where I want to take this,” and just wrote the rest.

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