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Why do we age, and how can we age better? Explore how telomeres mediate aging in our cells. Learn how SuperAgers’ cognitive skills remain sharp past the age of 80. Finally, explore the role of artificial intelligence in helping us to age better.

What Is Aging?
Dr. Nausica Arnoult explains the biology of telomeres. Telomeres help our DNA to successfully replicate without losing information. Learn the truth behind telomere length and how it is associated with genetics, lifestyle, and health

Cognitive decline is a common worry of aging people. But researchers like Dr. Emily Rogalski are studying a group of humans called “SuperAgers” who have excellent cognitive skills past the age of 80. She explains how her lab is seeking to better understand what may help people to be SuperAgers.

AI Technology for Healthy Aging
Artificial Intelligence has seen a surge in the past decade, and Dr. Ronjon Nag is hopeful that it can contribute positively to helping humans age better. Explore the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in drug discovery and more.

QED with Dr. B

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