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Addiction can have devastating effects on not just the individual, but entire communities.  Scientists are now studying how a wholistic approach to addiction treatment means looking beyond the addiction itself.

How Addiction Enters The Community

Dr. Carl Hart, psychologist and neuroscientist at Columbia University discusses the fact that factors often attributed to addiction were often in the community long before addiction took hold. He explains how misconceptions of treatment and  abstinence-only solutions hamper intervention.

Treating Addiction Through Policy and Medicine

Dr. Wade Berrettini, professor of psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania talks about the success of medical treatments for addiction and how access to these treatments is sometimes limited by strict governmental policies.

Causes of Addiction Relapse

Dr. Cody Brooks, associate professor of Psychology at Dennison University explains that relapse is nearly irresistible. He explains society’s outdated notions that addiction is in individual failing are inaccurate and can get in the way of successful treatment and crisis intervention.

Reaching Out For Help From Addiction

Dr. Edmund Griffin, a Harvard trained neuroscientist and physician and assistant professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbus University illustrates how healthy social connections are key to healing.

QED with Dr. B

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