Now more than ever, public media is essential. Donate Now.

Promote your business through underwriting messages on WOSU TV, 89.7 NPR News, Classical 101 and WOSU’s digital platforms and communicate your personalized message to the WOSU broadcast community and beyond.

For-profit and non-profit businesses of any size provide financial support for WOSU programming. In exchange, your business receives a marketing benefit via radio and TV broadcasts and/or digital exposure of your messaging on the WOSU platforms you choose.

Corporate sponsorship of WOSU Public Media programming builds a connection with your brand in our community and with highly-engaged public media audiences. Those that consume public media agree that they are more likely to trust a company that they hear and see advertising on public media. Aligning your organization with our audience creates a halo effect that builds brand trust and loyalty, creating a preference for your company.

Program sponsorship provides a brand lift and enhances corporate image with concise sponsorship messages in a high credibility environment. Corporate sponsorships with the WOSU audience create trust for your brand by connecting your brand’s support of a community asset that they value.

Our audiences are:

  • Educated — They value education, making higher education and lifelong learning a priority.
  • Influential — They drive trends through word of mouth and influence corporate and social networks.
  • Cultural — Passionate about the arts, they support local music, theatre, and museums.
  • Community-minded — They participate in community initiatives and are highly active in their neighborhoods.
  • Affluent — With discretionary income, they have strong purchasing power.

For more information or to receive the WOSU Media Kit, contact our Corporate Support team.

All Sides with Ann Fisher studio during one of its Weekly Reporter Roundtable show.
A TV camera captures an interview in the WOSU Community Studio.
Classical 101 host Kent Teeters in the Classical 101 studio at the WOSU headquarters
A runner holds the WOSU mobile app in her hand.
WOSU headquarters sign with rainbow colors

WOSU Business Circle

WOSU Business Circle is comprised of a distinctive group of civic-minded business sponsors whose investment in WOSU Public Media underscores their commitment to local journalism and quality programming.

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