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Each week more than 725,000 people in central Ohio engage with WOSU TV, 89.7 NPR News, Classical 101 and WOSU.org.

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Your support of WOSU Public Media builds a connection with this highly engaged group of viewers and listeners which instills a halo effect that predisposes their desire to do business with you.

Program sponsorship provides a brand lift and enhances corporate image with concise sponsorship messages in a high credibility environment because WOSU viewers and listeners respect PBS and NPR sponsors.

Align your organization with our audience

WOSU Public Media creates a strong, meaningful connection for businesses and non-profit organizations with our viewers, listeners and members – the most educated, influential, cultural and community-minded audiences in central Ohio.

Our audience is:

EDUCATED They value education, making higher education and lifelong learning a priority.
INFLUENTIAL They drive trends through word of mouth and influence corporate and social networks.
CULTURAL Passionate about the arts, they relish in local music, theatre and museums.
COMMUNITY-MINDED They participate in community initiatives and are highly active in their neighborhoods.
AFFLUENT With discretionary income, they have vast purchasing power.


For more information, contact Christine Sadic, Program Support and Foundation Giving Manager, at 614.247.4469 or christine.sadic@wosu.org.