Current 2018 WOSU Producers Club donors.

If you would like to join Producers Club in 2019, please be sure to make your annual contribution by December 31, 2018. Please contact with any questions.

Eugenia and Kenneth Ackerman Richard Lehmuth
Toni and Stephen Auch Jill Levy
Rita Barnum Sara Lincoln
Trudy Bartley Laura Plachta and Michael Lisa
Hetty and Arthur Bing Susan Logan
Kathleen and James Blakeslee Nancy and Thomas Lurie
Sharon and Dennis Blose Bridgette Mariea
Victor Boft Joe Marineau
Sylvia and Robert Bower Evelyn and Mike McCarroll
Theresa and Mark Brownell Todd Mccorkle
Jane and Jack Bryant Kathleen and James McGinnis
Julia Backoff and Christopher Burke Elizabeth Crane and Richard McKee
Joseph Caldwell Carolyn and Floyd McKinney
Chad Carpenter Janet and Carl McMullen
Barbara Chuko Jacqueline and Richard Meister
Susan and Robert Cochran Jeanine and Bill Michael
Jack Conner Frances and James Michalec
Margaret and Jerome Cunningham Susan Ezzone and Jay Mirtallo
Richard Davis Robert Mizer
Johanna DeStefano Christine and Neil Mortine
Margaret and J.D. Dickson Susan and William Napier
Sidney and Garrett Dill Courtney and Andrew Neckers
Ann and Thomas DiMarco Maxine Oldham
Barbara and C.R. Dorn Vernon Pack
Deane Dorwart Kathy and Jeff Pinkham
Richard Duarte Anne Powell Riley
Carol Durell Marilyn Pritchett
Laura and Pat Ecklar Carol and Tom Rieland
Christine and Richard Eisenstein Katherine and Paul Rigsby
Christine and W.T. Farquhar Mary Rose
Barbara Fergus Sandy and Andy Ross
Susan and Scott Fisher Georgene Ross
Irma Flottman Ann Royer
Montei Foundation Jeffery Ruff
Elizabeth and Robert Fox Joanne and Paul Santilli
Natalie and John Furniss Peggy and D. Alan Scantland
Teresa Stankiewicz and Richard Furnstahl John Schengili
Patricia and Steven Gabbe Lynne Aronson and William Schiffman
E.M. Gabel Michael Schmidt
Joan and Jack George Dana Navin and Hugh Schultz
Dareth Gerlach Patricia and Kent Schwirian
Babette Gorman Kelly Selegue
Lisal and Donald Gorman Lee Shackelford
Cathy Levine and Jonathan Groner John Sibley
Debra and Frederick Hadley Ruth and Ronald Siegle
Jean and John Hank Barbara and Arnold Siemer
Marilyn Harris Joshua Sikich
Betsy Heer Loraine and Warren Sinnott
Marian and Robert Hein Cynthia Snyder
Ann Heineman Pamela Sommer
Gloria and Dale Heydlauff Sylvia and Philippe St. Pierre
Sam Homsi Wendy Stewart
Rebecca Huddle Judith Stich
Katherine Hull Jane Stolzenburg
BethAnn and Jeffrey Hullinger Ronald Stuckey
Fern Hunt Melissa and Mark Sull
Karen and Ron Ickes Rebecca Stilson and Mike Sullivan
Aadrian Janssens Marilyn Sullivan
Nancy Jeffrey Susan Sweda
Jane Mykrantz and Kiehner Johnson Margaret and Joel Teaford
Zoe and Jack Johnstone Susan Tomasky and Ron Ungvarsky
Stephanie Patridge and Andrew Jordan Albert Van Fossen
Jessica and Mac Joseph Carolyn Workman and Kurt Wacker
Barbara and James Keyes Nancy and Raymond Waggoner
Mary and C.R. Kidder Joyce and John Wallach
Bonita Kilger Lynn and Gary Wearsch
Michelle and Matthew Kincaid Missy and Robert Weiler
Nancy Kingsley Jane Werum
John Kirwin Linda Larrimer and Hugh Westwater
Daniel Koch Ruth Whitehouse
Ellen and Lloyd Kohnhorst John Wilkins
Melodee Kornacker Denise and Michael Williams
Karen Lane Margaret and Thomas Williams
Hedwig Langer Elisa Wolfe
Susan Fuhrman and Larry Lasky Ann Jone and Stephen Wood
Mary Lazarus Susan and Nathan Yost