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Current 2020 WOSU Producers Club donors.

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Kenneth Ackerman Karen Lane
Stephen and Toni Auch Michael and Ann LaRocco
Kamel Addo Mary Lazarus
Mary Alice and Kevin Akins Trip and Lexie Lazarus
Gretchen and Mark Ambler Rachel and Jim Lemaster
George and Rose Anderson Jill Levy
Kyle and Amy Anderson Sara Lincoln
Elizabeth and Bruce Angell Susan Logan
Erica Arnold Win and Roberta Logan
Bill Schiffman and Lynne Aronson Gerlinde Lott
Dennis Lyons and Rita Barnum Nancy and Tom Lurie
Trudy Bartley Ron Lykins
James and Ellen Bazzoli Joseph Wisne and Bridgette Mariea
Arthur Bing and Hetty Bing Carol and James May
Lynn and Paul Blower Robert Maynard
Linda Bockbrader Todd Mccorkle
Shirley Bowser Nanci McCorkle
Betsey Farquhar-Bradish and Robert Bradish Emily McGinnis
Theresa and Mark Brownell Kathleen and James McGinnis
Julia Backoff and Chip Burke Melissa McHenry
Mark and Patti Bryant Bruce and Marilyn McPheron
Joseph Caldwell Teresa Medaglia
Chad Carpenter Jacqueline and Richard Meister
William Carpenter Jim and Frances Michalec
Carolyn Carter Jane and Bill Miller
Patrick Warren and Karen Catignani Madelon Timmons and William Miller
Ed Chin Richard Mills
Amalia Cochran Sara Sukalich and Matthew Mingione
Michael Comber Bob Mizer
Jack and Carol Conner William and Carole Moore
Christie and Dan Crane Neil and Christine Mortine
Richard McKee and Beth Crane Marge Mulcahy
Tim Miller and Jamie Crane Barbara Muller
Anita Cunningham Kiehner Johnson and Jane Mykrantz
Jerome and Margaret Cunningham Joe Marineau and Eve Mylchreest
Lila Cunningham Tyler Napierkowski
Don and Letitia Davis Hugh Schultz and Dana Navin
Johanna Destefano Courtney and Andrew Neckers
Thomas and Ann DiMarco Julia Neiswander
Garrett and Sidney Dill Dawn Nolen
Michael Palermo and Brenda Doner Paul Peloquin
Richard and Barbara Dorn Janice Potts
Deane Dorwart Carol Prince
Jean Droste Marilyn Pritchett
Pat and Laura Ecklar Jason Prosek
Arlene Eis Stanley and Dianne Quayle
Christine and Richard Eisenstein James Reardon
Steven Merriett and Antonio Estrada Mary Yerina and Bob Redfield
Jill and Brandon Evans Tom and Carol Rieland
Jay Mirtallo and Susan Ezzone Anne Powell Riley
Allen and Gwenyth Fabian David Magee and Cheryl Roberto
William Fenner Dan and Kathryn Roche
Mary and John Fetters Allison and Scott Rogers
Henry Fields Andy and Sandy Ross
Larry and Marion Fisher David and Claudia Ruedrich
Scott and Susan Fisher Betsy Salt
Kathy Fox and Amery Fitch Gary Samu
Liz and Bob Fox Paul and Joanne Santilli
Mary and John Frank Alan and Peggy Scantland
Joanne and David Frantz Robert and Marcia Schaub
Mabel Freeman David and Linda Schmidt
Brian and Sandra Freer Dick and Sharon Schrock
Sue Frost Michael and Kelley Selegue
Larry Lasky and Susan Fuhrman Lois Sellers
Terri Stankiewicz and Dick Furnstahl Michael Schmidt
Mairead Fyda Arthur Shantz
Steve and Pat Gabbe Ron and Ruth Siegle
Jo Gallucci Barbara and Al Siemer
Rob Gambill Deborah Smith
Dareth Gerlach Cynthia Snyder
Nancy Gogle Raymond Sprogis
Donald and Lisal Gorman Rebecca Stilson
Jack Buckingham and Babette Gorman Nancy Crow and John Stitzlein
Conte Green Sauland Karla Strieb
Theodore Griffith Gregory and Deb Stype
Eva Goode Mark and Melissa Sull
Stephen Kang and Kimberly Guo Marilyn Sullivan
John and Jean Hank Sandra and Lynn Swisher
Josh Harrison Genevieve Szuba
Fred and Debra Hadley Sandra Taylor
Marilyn Harris Meg and Joel Teaford
Meredith Hart Andy and Lisa Thomas
Ann Heineman Tydvil Thomas
Gloria and Dale Heydlauff Erik Vasu-Sarver
Ben Mckean and Dana Howard Thomas and Tamara Verhoff
Karen and Ron Ickes Carolyn Workman and Kurt Wacker
Harrison Jackson Nancy and Ray Waggoner
Jack and Zoe Johnstone John and Joyce Wallach
Mac and Jessica Joseph Lynn and Gary Wearsch
Janet Katz Bob and Missy Weiler
Tom and Mary Katzenmeyer James and Sandy Weiler
Mark Keller Linda Larrimer and Hugh Westwater
Phyllis Kile James and Patricia Werner
Bonita Kilger Karen West
Jeffrey Kipnis Ruth Whitehouse
Mary Kirkman Joseph and Kathie Wilkerson
Peggy and John Kissel Tom and Margie Williams
Ellen Kohnhorst Georgia Wilson
Rosemarie Konrath Elisa Wolfe
Melodee Kornacker Tanny Crane and John Wolff
Judy Krasnoff Ann Jones and Stephen Wood
David Neubauer and Jean Krum Lynn Woodard
Calvin and Ilene Kunin Nathan and Susan Yost
Margie Kunze Fred Zacharias