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The Producers Club, WOSU’s leadership giving society, is a community of our most generous and engaged donors committed to the future of WOSU Public Media.

Producers Club members are essential to the success of WOSU Public Media.

If you would like to join Producers Club in 2023, please be sure to make your annual contribution by December 31, 2022. Please contact with any questions.

Producer Club Members
Ken Ackerman Beth Lawless
Kamel Addo Trip Lazarus and Lexie Lazarus
Kimberly Allison Dr. Jane Leiby
Gretchen Ambler and Mark Ambler Bonnie Leonard and Peter Leonard
Donald Anderson and Sally Hough Jill Levy
Kyle Anderson and Amy Anderson Sara Lincoln
Mildred Anderson Susan Logan
Erica Arnold Win Logan and Roberta Logan
Julia Backoff and Chip Burke Mark Lorson and Cheryl Lorson
Trudy Bartley Gerlinde Lott
Nancy Beals Nancy Lurie and Tom Lurie
Jack Beeler and Pam Beeler David Magee and Cheryl Roberto
Annie Berry Prashant Malhotra
Roy Bertossi Margaret Malone
Arthur Bing and Hetty Bing Cassandra Martin-Weiler
Judith Blair Gretchen Mcbeath and Richard Kane
David Blau Amy McBride
Sharon Blose and Dennis Blose Emily McGinnis
Lynn Blower and Paul Blower Kathleen McGinnis and James McGinnis
Linda Blumenthal Richard McKee and Beth Crane
Lawrence Boddicker and Phyllis Boddicker Howard McMeans
Mark Brienza and Brenda Brienza Jeffrey McNealey and Sara McNealey
Wendy Brinker Bruce McPheron and Marilyn McPheron
Kenny Brown and Blythe Brown Jacqueline Meister and Richard Meister
Jack Bryant and Jane Bryant Christopher Meyers and Carole Meyers
Mike Burns and Liz Burns Matthew Meyers
Maryann Burr Jim Michalec and Frances Michalec
Michael Cameron Amy Milbourne and Bob Milbourne
William Carpenter Drew Miller and Laura Miller
Carolyn Carter Jane Miller and Bill Miller
Paola Castellano Laura Miller
Diane Chesley-lahm Jay Mirtallo and Susan Ezzone
Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher James Mitchell and Roberta Mitchell
Kay Clarke and Gary Clarke Bob Mizer
Jack Conner and Carol Conner Bill Moore and Carole Moore
Sally Cox and Cary Cox Neil Mortine and Christine Mortine
Loann Woods Crane Nils Muladore and Stacey Wideman
Rob Crane and Shannon Crane Courtney Neckers and Andrew Neckers
Nancy Crow and John Stitzlein David Neubauer and Jean Krum
Anita Cunningham Brian Nichols and Gwen Nichols
Jerome Cunningham and Margaret Cunningham Dawn Nolen
William Daehler Mary Orcutt and Stuart Knecht
Dave Daiber and Ruth Milligan Vernon Pack
Rebecca Damsen Nick Pavich and Amy Huwer
Johanna DeStefano Paul Peloquin
Garrett Dill and Sidney Dill Julia Peters and Tracy Peters
Tom DiMarco and Ann DiMarco Marilyn Pritchett
Isaac Dole Jason Prosek
Jean Droste Tom Rieland and Carol Rieland
Anthony Duncan Scott Risner and Matthew Erhard
Nancy Eaton Ingrid Robechek and John Robechek
Pat Ecklar and Laura Ecklar Scot Robertson
Jason Eliason Beverly Rodeheffer and John Rodeheffer
Cathy Elkins Fred Roecker and Janet Helgeson
Jill Evans and Brandon Evans Cheryl Roller and Chuck Taylor
Chris Farquhar and Tom Farquhar Mary Rose
Kathryn Farynowksi Andy Ross and Sandy Ross
Steve Faulkner and Sandra Faulkner Betsy Salt
William Fenner Mrs. Indira M. Satyapriya and Mr. C. K. Satyapriya
Henry Fields Jeffery Savage
Elizabeth Fine Alan Scantland and Peggy Scantland
Denise Fisher Robert Schaub and Marcia Schaub
Scott Fisher and Susan Fisher Melodie Schauer
Liz Fox and Bob Fox William Scherer
Joanne Frantz and David Frantz Bill Schiffman and Lynne Aronson
Mabel Freeman David Schmidt and Linda Schmidt
Sue Frost Michael Schmidt
Steve Gabbe and Pat Gabbe Pat Schwirian and Kent Schwirian
Marianne Gabel Michael Selegue and Kelley Selegue
Rich Gandarillas Lois Sellers
Bonnie Garvin Martha Selt
Martin Gelender and Dorothy Gelender Teckie Shackelford and Don Shackelford
Jack George and Joan George Arthur Shantz
Dareth Gerlach Erin Shedd and David Shedd
Eva Goode Ron Siegle and Ruth Siegle
Donald Gorman and Lisal Gorman Barbara Siemer and Al Siemer
Fred Hadley and Debra Hadley Reta Sigal and Bernie Sigal
Gregory Hager and Nancy Hager Brittany Slack
John Hank and Jean Hank Cynthia Snyder
Marilyn Harris Robert Sorton and Bailey Sorton
Victoria Hartley Ann Speer
Rebecca Hawk and Christopher Hawk Raymond Sprogis
William Hayward Judith Staiger
Peg Hazlett Terri Stankiewicz and Dick Furnstahl
David Hedgecoth Mara Stark
Norma Hedgecoth Wendy Stewart
Ann Heineman Rebecca Stilson
Gloria Heydlauff and Dale Heydlauff Charlotte Stiverson and Dale Killian
Blythe Hoyle and Stephen Jacobson Saul Strieb and Karla Strieb
Amy Hulthen Mark Sull and Melissa Sull
Martin Hulthen Marilyn Sullivan
Cynthia Hunt Meg Teaford and Joel Teaford
Lillian Hutchinson and Donald Hutchinson Andy Thomas and Lisa Thomas
Harrison Jackson Shiloh Todorov and Dimiter Todorov
Karen Jackson Barbara Trueman
Mark Jacob Joseph Valentino
Kiehner Johnson and Jane Mykrantz David Vaziri and Kelly Vaziri
Jack Johnstone and Zoe Johnstone Catherine Voris and Mark Voris
Ann Jones and Stephen Wood Nancy Waggoner and Ray Waggoner
John Jones Marlene Wagonrod
Katherine Jones and Frederick Nyline John Wallach and Joyce Wallach
Frank Kass and Linda Kass Jane Walsh and Bruce Walsh
Gary Katz and Leslie Mihalov Lynn Wearsch and Gary Wearsch
Tom Katzenmeyer and Mary Katzenmeyer Bob Weiler
Julie Keckstein and John Keckstein Paul Weinberg
James Keller and Kathryn Keller Judy Weisberg and Herb Weisberg
Mary Keller and Ken Keller Laura Weisel and Phil Cass
Phyllis Kile Alexander Weymann
Bonita Kilger Ruth Whitehouse
Mary Kirkish Tom Williams and Margie Williams
Jon Kochensparger and Andrea Kochensparger Terry Williamson
Robert Kohan Sue Wilson and Bill Judy
Ellen Kohnhorst Joseph Wisne and Bridgette Mariea
Melodee Kornacker Corrie Witt
Judy Krasnoff Carolyn Workman and Kurt Wacker
Calvin Kunin and Ilene Kunin Lisa Workman
Bradley Kunz Anne Jeffrey Wright
Dorothy Kupsky Mary Yerina and Bob Redfield
Karen Lane Patty Yoder
Kem Lang and Ernest Lang Nathan Yost and Susan Yost
Carol Larimer Robert Young and Barbara Young
Linda Larrimer and Hugh Westwater