Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: December 21, 2009

WOSU is one of the community organizations that co-present Community Cinema screenings across the country. This past Tuesday, WOSU Public Media presented YOUNG@HEART at the Gerlach Center for Senior Health.

Prepare to be surprised, delighted and entertained by the inspiring members of the Young@Heart Chorus, a New England senior citizens chorus that has delighted audiences worldwide with their renditions of songs by everyone from The Clash to Coldplay.

Marcelita Haskins, Director of Educational Services for WOSU Public Media fills us in on the event:

Folks packed the room for the wonderful documentary, YOUNG@HEART, which airs on WOSU TV in January as part of the Independent Lens series.

A 90-year old woman opened the dialogue by telling the group that she’d had a very busy schedule the day before going from one meeting to another covering politics, theology and socialization. “The only thing I did not have time for was sex…but it was already 8:30 and I was tired.”

The discussion centered on the stereotypes associated with aging and how easily they can be broken and dispelled. Participants agreed that a sense of purpose drew the choir members together and strongly motivated them notwithstanding physical, health, and other problems.

The seeming contradiction between singers in their eighties (and older) and rock/punk music added much to the appeal of the documentary for our audience.

The film was affirming to the audience (many of whom are the age of the choir members). Many talked about engaging with the community and the continuing pursuit of activities they love including volunteering and helping others.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event such a success.