Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: November 17, 2008

DTV DayThe headline is from a quote of a resident of the Bryden House in Columbus, where a few dozen volunteers spent last Saturday installing digital conversion boxes. WOSU coordinated this unique effort in the country to serve the most at-risk by making their old analog televisions able to DTV Day receive digital signals through a converter box. With our social service partners, volunteers at Bryden and other locations across Columbus installed about150 boxes and contributed over 300 volunteer efforts to do so. It’s a start. At Bryden, which provides DTV Dayslow-income apartments, folks were very appreciative of our efforts. They were used to getting a few stations on analog, but with the converter boxes, most received 11 channels (3 from WOSU) of programming that was extremely sharp.DTV Day

When the some 50 volunteers gathered back at WOSU, we heard about issues related to reception, antennas, ancient TVs without RF connections and more. We’ll be planning more installations as part of our special HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR project, which culminates on February 17th when all analog transmissions go away. There are thousands in Columbus with over-the-air TV and few means to make the transition. We’re trying to help with our partners LifeCare Alliance and Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging.

If you are interested in helping, we need funds to help pay for the boxes and antennas — for every $20 contribution, we can help someone needy make the transition and keep watching TV, which is so important to their lives. For many its their only lifeline to the outside world.

Go to www.wosu.org/dtv for more information about our project. We’re planning to install more boxes in the community after the first of the year. You can volunteer by contacting WOSU at 292-9678.

Let me know your thoughts on this project.

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