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Written by: Emily Thompson
Date: December 18, 2018

Now in its third season as a weekly WOSU TV series, Columbus Neighborhoods swept this year’s list of our top 10 most-viewed videos. These blockbuster segments range from local institutions of years past – the Walk O’ Wonders and Kahiki rose to the top – to spotlights on Central Ohio communities, including Newark, Circleville, Bellefontaine and Lithopolis. Explore Columbus’ past, present and future with us.

1. Around the World Through the Walk O’ Wonders
In the 1950s and ’60s, shopping wasn’t the only reason to visit the Great Western Shopping Center on the West Side. The main attraction was the incredible Walk O’ Wonders, featuring the Seven Wonders of the World.

2. The Kahiki Supper Club
The Kahiki Supper Club immersed diners in a world of the South Seas – complete with a tropical rainstorm, aquarium wall, tiki torches and music. While working on this segment on the history of the Kahiki, we discovered an impressive private collection of Kahiki memorabilia.

3. Sears House Kits
At one time, you could order nearly anything from Sears — including a house built from a kit. When Sears filed for bankruptcy in October, PBS NewsHour posted our story on Sears house kits and the Columbus residents who still call these houses home, sweet home.

4. Driving with Darbee: Newark’s Louis Sullivan Bank
Newark is restoring its jewel-box bank, created by famed architect Louis Sullivan in 1914. The Licking County Foundation plans to transform the landmark into a public space.

5. Circleville Pumpkin Show
Starting in 1903, the Circleville Pumpkin Show is now world famous. Discover the fall festival history that spans more than a century, from humble beginnings to a destination for all things pumpkin.

6. The First Concrete Street in America
The first concrete street in America was poured in 1891 in Bellefontaine, Ohio — and it has a connection to the host of Broad & High, Kate Quickel.

7. Driving with Darbee: The Wagnalls Memorial
The Wagnalls Memorial in Lithopolis, Ohio, is indeed a memorial — but it’s also so much more. Columbus architectural historian Jeff Darbee takes us on a tour to learn more about the historic library and community center.

8. Columbus’ High Street in 1973
Five photographers spent 1973 documenting High Street, from the Eldorado Scioto Downs area south of I-270 to north of The Pontifical College Josephinum in Worthington.

Photos: Courtesy of Ohio History Connection

9. Columbus Homes Photo Collection Update
Last year, an expansive collection of local realty photo cards from the ’50s to ’70s was rediscovered. With grant funding from The Columbus Foundation, the Columbus Metropolitan Library is scanning the 100,000 photos to make them available online.

10. Battiste LaFleur Galleria
Since 1940, the Battiste family has been in the business of flowers. Now the next generation continues the tradition at Battiste LaFleur Galleria on the east side.