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Written by: Nick Houser
Date: December 22, 2017

From our top videos of 2017 from left to right: Anita Rosvanis on one of her 90 minute bus rides each day to get to and from work; Col. Ron Albers talks about then-Lockbourne Air Force Base's role in the Vietnam War; Te'Lario Watkins, the 9-year-old behind Tiger Mushroom Farms; Olentangy Park amusement park.

From our top videos of 2017 (left to right): Anita Rosvanis on one of her daily 90-minute bus rides to and from work; Col. Ron Albers talks about then-Lockbourne Air Force Base’s role in the Vietnam War; Te’Lario Watkins of Tiger Mushroom Farms; Olentangy Park amusement park.

Video has played an important part in our history since WOSU TV first went on the air in 1956. In 2017 we continued to find new audiences and approaches for video.

The number of online video views reached new heights this year, particularly with the growth of Facebook as a place to watch videos.

The variety of videos on this list reflects the diversity of WOSU’s coverage — from current events, history, food and the arts, along with a couple favorites from years past that remain popular.

1. Chasing The Dream: Transportation in Columbus
As a part of our Chasing The Dream series, a collaboration between 89.7 NPR News, WOSU TV and our digital team, we explored poverty, jobs and income inequality in Columbus. Reporter Debbie Holmes and the Columbus Neighborhoods team followed Linden resident Anita Rosvanis on her 90-minute commute to work by bus to Gahanna. You might have seen this or our two other Chasing The Dream videos on NPR’s Facebook page.

2. Chasing The Dream: Weinland Park Worries
Columbus’ Weinland Park has received a lot of public investment in recent years, which has helped the neighborhood become a desirable place to live. However, this rejuvenation is negatively impacting longtime residents. Reporter Adora Namigadde and Columbus Neighborhoods talked with Weinland Park residents who are being priced out of the neighborhood.

3. Chasing The Dream: Where Dentists Don’t Go
Bad teeth can be painful, but they can also mean lost wages and jobs. Reporter Esther Honig and Columbus Neighborhoods took a look at how the lack of access to dental care hits some Columbus neighborhoods much harder than others. In Clintonville and Dublin, there are 33 dental offices in each zip code, while in areas like Obetz, Linden, Lockwook, Linden and Franklinton, there are little or no dental offices.

4. Soul Food, Veggie Style
This Columbus Neighborhoods segment from early December is a late addition to the most-viewed video list and could keep rising toward the top before 2017 is history. Producer George Levert brings us the story of Willowbeez Soulveg, a healthy popup soul-food catering company, with a menu that features only plant-based dishes.

5. History of Buckeye Lake
In the mid-20th century, Buckeye Lake was the place to be, with Buckeye Lake Amusement Park, cottages, hotels, dance halls and more. Columbus Neighborhoods took a look at its history as well as what’s next for Buckeye Lake.

6. Tiger Mushroom Farms
We had the pleasure of telling the story of Te’Lario Watkins, who founded Tiger Mushroom Farms in Blacklick when he was 7 years old out of a Cub Scouts project. Columbus Neighborhoods introduced us to his family, who helps the business sell and deliver their mushrooms around Columbus. Keep up with Te’Lario and Tiger Mushroom Farms on Instagram.

7. A Day in the Life of a Ballerina
This Broad & High segment from 2014 continues to be one of our most-popular videos year after year. Follow along as BalletMet dancer and Columbus native Samantha Lewis show us what life is like as a ballet dancer, both on stage and off.

8. Olentangy Park
Columbus Neighborhoods brought us the story of another amusement park from Central Ohio’s past. Olentangy Park, which was located in Clintonville from 1880 to 1939, was once the largest amusement park in the United States. It thrived as a destination for Columbus’ street car companies starting in the 1890s.

9. Lockbourne Air Force Base
As a part of PBS’ The Vietnam War documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick this fall, we started off the new season of Columbus Neighborhoods with two episodes exploring the area’s role in the war. Lockbourne Air Force Base, now known as Rickenbacker International Airport, just south of Columbus, was a bustling military operation during the Vietnam War.

10. The Man Who Knits
Another Broad & High segment from the past that remains popular on YouTube is the story of German Village-area resident EJ Jones, who is known to some people simply as “The Man Who Knits.” Follow along as he sources his fiber from thrift-store sweaters and then up-cycles the yarn into new items, such as hats and blankets.

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