Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: April 16, 2014

WOSU's Code of Editorial Integrity

WOSU’s Code of Editorial Integrity

WOSU Public Media is among the few broadcasters in the country to unveil a new Code of Editorial Integrity covering areas of governance, management, content development, journalism, fundraising, partnerships and employee activities.  This is a document developed over multiple years of work , starting with an effort called Editorial Integrity for Public Media. I served on the planning committee for this important national initiative.

As outlined in the document, we are committed to providing high quality content and services that are distinctive and responsive to the needs and interests of our communities. In doing so, we are further committed to the ethical and transparent operation of WOSU Public Media. This code provides direction to our team and key information to the public about our operations.

A template for public stations was created through the national editorial integrity initiative, but after a thorough review it was edited to best fit WOSU’s needs through a process involving our staff, the advisory WOSU Friends Board, and leadership at Ohio State.  All parties offered valuable input on multiple drafts of the document.  There are very few Codes of this nature among the hundreds of broadcasters across the country and you will find such a Code distinctive to public media organizations.

We welcome your review and input of the WOSU Public Media Code of Editorial Integrity on our website.