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Written by: Thomas Bradley
Date: June 18, 2015

banner1We generally don’t like to brag as a station. Mostly, because we’re humble and stuff.

But on a personal level, I love bragging about my co-workers. They are incredible people with incredible skills, and the upcoming Emmy awards are going to showcase their extreme talent.

This is the one time a year I get to brag about WOSU TV. So buckle in. And let’s talk about how awesome WOSU TV is.

Documentary — Historical

First, in the category of Historical Documentaries, I am pleased to brag about two of my favorite documentaries, ever. And that’s not an exaggeration. You’ve probably all seen at least one of the Columbus Neighborhoods documentaries, and if you haven’t, check out ASAP. As you know, Columbus is broken down into several neighborhoods, each with their own unique history.

Two of these documentaries, Worthington and Clintonville, are nominated for best documentary. Check out previews of the two documentaries below, and to watch the full documentary, click the link above to the Columbus Neighborhoods website:

And now, Worthington:

Columbus Neighborhoods: Clintonville would not be possible without the wonderful production and videography work of Mary Rathke, Diana Bergemann, Andrew Ina, Ryan Schlagbaum, Ben Bays, Shawn Likley, Chuck Oney and Tom Rieland.

Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington
was produced by Cindy Gaillard, with the help of Diana Bergemann, Andrew Ina, Ryan Schlagbaum, Ben Bays, Shawn Likley, Chuck Oney and Tom Rieland.

Magazine Program

In the category of Magazine Program, look no further than the awesome talent and artistic showcase that is Broad & High. This weekly show hosted by Audrey Hasson and produced by Jackie Shafer, highlights the arts in and around Columbus.

Take a look:

These are just a couple fun examples. You can check out full episodes and other clips here.

Magazine Feature/Segment

Speaking of Broad & High, Jackie Shafer, Ryan Schlagbaum and Andrew Ina were nominated for their work on individual segments. Check out those segments nominated below.

First up is a profile of blind woodturner Dennis DeVendra.

The other segment to receive a nomination was amazing mobile photography of Amy Leibrand.

Video Essay (Single Camera Only)

Speaking of Andrew Ina. Check out this nomination. A segment on Broad & High featuring a ballerina. Since premiering in April 2014, this segment has totaled more than 171,000 views on YouTube and is WOSU’s most popular video ever on the video sharing site.

Technical Achievement

I’m saving the most interesting for last. Ryan Schlagbaum wanted to create a way to get a panning image, but also a timelapse image compilation. Basically, he wanted a camera to move along a track, extremely slow, taking a ton of pictures along the way. Some of these systems are way too complicated and cost thousands of dollars.

Using a couple of dollars and an old lunchbox, Ryan created his own timelapse dolly system. Check out this segment from Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley, that perfectly illustrates this effect.