Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: May 2, 2017

Coming May 15 PBS Kids with WOSU Kids - Join your friends anytime!

WOSU Public Media is unveiling a new, broadcast television channel on May 15 called WOSU Kids featuring 24/7 PBS KIDS® educational programming.

The channel will be available over-the-air on channel 34.4 and on Spectrum cable systems as well as streaming on our website. Now children across our region will be able to watch their favorite PBS KIDS shows from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to Super Why! to Peg + Cat anytime day or night.

Airing a new broadcast channel is a rarity, so let the celebrations begin! Join us as we officially unveil WOSU Kids on Saturday, June 3rd from 10am to 1pm at COSI and look for community events throughout the summer.

PBS stations reach more kids aged 2-5, more mothers with children under 6 years old, and more children from low-income families than any other network. We have a community that especially loves PBS KIDS. Audience research places WOSU very high in the percentage of our audience viewing PBS KIDS on the primary WOSU TV channel compared to stations across the country. This is a public service we are proud to provide and another reflection of what it means to be a mission-driven, noncommercial media organization.

The WOSU Kids initiative and many of our local programming efforts are in peril as the Trump administration budget calls for the elimination of all funding to public broadcasting. This would be devastating to WOSU. The tax savings is just $1.35 per citizen and is 100th of 1 percent of the federal budget. You can help by calling your congressional representative and signing up to protect WOSU at protectmypublicmedia.org.

For more information, check out the blog post I wrote recently on the subject.