Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: February 20, 2009

WOSU is extremely pleased to have a funding agreement with the Ohio State Athletic department that allows us the resources to produce a regular stream of campus related programming for the Big Ten Network, seen across the country on all major cable systems. This is entertaining and informative programming produced by Kevin Theessen and his team at WOSU in collaboration with University Communications at Ohio State. There is this phrase in public media called “the long tail,” which means you create programming in such a way that it is accessible and relevant for a long time. That’s just what Kevin and his team is doing. Checkout many of these segments from our efforts on our WOSU YouTube site (including a new alumni piece with Archie Griffin and Stefanie Spielman) or just watch one of my favorite segments (7 minutes) of OSU researcher Lonnie Thompson capturing ice cores for research: Polar Research at Ohio State
No wonder this work already won a regional Emmy Award!