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Written by: Sarah Grainger
Date: December 12, 2014


Alysia Gobert-Smith, Kevin Petrilla, Mike Meadows, Mary Alice Akins, Connie Knoechel, Joan Duffey, Rhonda Holland, and Mandie Trimble

This Wednesday we had our holiday party for WOSU Public Media staff, volunteers, interns, and board members. Everyone had a great time bowling at Ten Pin Bowling Alley in Hilliard, although some people threw a few too many gutter balls…


Ryan Schlagbaum demonstrating his mad blind bowling skills.

It is definitely one of the most universally enjoyed holiday parties WOSU has had in recent years, and just about everybody participated. The WOSU staff tends to be spread out at multiple locations (among offices, radio studios, TV studios, etc., there’s a lot going on!) so it is always special to have everyone together in one place for something like this.


Front: Andrew Ina, Cindy Gaillard, Jackie Shafer, Mary Rathke, Ben Bays, and Ryan Schlagbaum
Back: Diana Bergemann, Shawn Likley, and George Levert


Casey Paris, Thomas Bradley, Amy Juravich, Kate Manecke, and Meredith Hart
(photo bomb by Kevin Petrilla)


The holiday party is also the time of year when awards are handed out. Every year, the WOSU Public Media Friends Board forms a panel to determine which staff member will receive the Higgy-Tyler award, an honor presented for outstanding service by an employee and featuring a $2,000 prize.

It’s a tough choice… candidates are nominated by co-workers for exemplary service to WOSU, and a winner is selected from the batch of nominees. This year, our very own Boyce Lancaster won! Many Classical 101 fans know Boyce, both from listening to him on the airwaves and also from his incredible dedication and love for the Classical 101 community. He is a remarkable example of someone who is passionate about WOSU, music, and the listeners. Congratulations, Boyce!! This award was well-deserved.


WOSU Friends Board Members Fred Hadley, Dale Heydlauff, Kathy McGinnis, and Karen Ickes with the 2014 Higgy-Tyler Award winner, Boyce Lancaster (second from right)

WOSU is also lucky to have such dedicated volunteers giving their time to the station – in the case of Bob Yocom and Jan Confer, giving literally hundreds of hours of their time. This year Bob and Jan are once again recipients of the Presidential service award! Jan is receiving the Bronze award for her 244 volunteer service hours, and Bob is receiving the Silver award with 334 volunteer service hours.


Alysia Gobert-smith, Jan Confer, and Beverley Ervine

“One of the great things about working at WOSU Public Media is the people you meet. Jan Confer not only shares a love of music with the Classical 101 staff, she also shares a love of baking! We often have a discussion about something she’s heard on Classical 101 – and not a single holiday passes without some appropriately-themed plate of goodies from her oven!” -Boyce Lancaster

“Bob is like our classic swiss army knife- if anyone needs anything, Bob usually has it! He is always willing to help out, and he can do it all with a huge smile on his face. He’s been here forever, and I don’t know what we would do without him” -Joan Duffey

We couldn’t do what we do without all our volunteers, and especially Bob and Jan with their regular and great service. They are truly an asset to the station and we are so lucky to have them.


Amy Juravich in her prize-winning sweater and General Manager Tom Rieland presenting her award.

And finally, perhaps everyone’s favorite/ most anticipated award of the day – Amy Juravich walked away the winner of the annual Ugly Sweater contest!! The competition for this one is particularly fierce… with so many ugly sweaters in WOSU closets, it’s amazing there are any left outside the studios.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of 2014, and Happy Holidays from WOSU Public Media!