Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: June 5, 2009

After an absence of fifty years, jazz returned to The Lincoln Theatre Thursday, and WOSU was a big part of the homecoming.
The performance by the Columbus Jazz All Stars was broadcast live on WOSU FM and will air on WOSU TV at 10 p.m. on July 1.

The performance itself was very entertaining with Byron Stripling joking with the crowd, playing some amazing trumpet and singing.
Bobby Floyd was again priceless on piano and the Hammond B3 organ. Lots of fun for the 400-500 folks in attendance.

Early on, WOSU worked with CAPA to include pre-fiber optic wired camera positions in the renovation of the historic theatre. The video side of the production involved three HD robotic remotely controlled cameras, a video switcher only a little larger than a laptop, and a recording deck. While the larger crew was involved in the set-up, the actual production required a minimal crew: Cindy Gaillard directed and Darrin McDonald manipulated the cameras using some shots that had been set up before the concert.

Eric French and Kevin Petrilla did the audio engineering and producing for the radio broadcast, the first we’ve done from the Lincoln. Boyce Lancaster was the host for the evening. In addition to introducing the program, Boyce did a live interview backstage with trumpeter/vocalist/band leader Byron Stripling at intermission, which was also shot by Jason Perkins for the TV broadcast. Brent “Sage” Davis was executive producer.

Eventually we’ll have the capability to feed both audio and video live from the Lincoln to WOSU@COSI for potential “live” broadcasts from the Lincoln. There are also plans by CAPA to outfit the theatre with their own cameras.

The Columbus Jazz All-Stars led by Byron Stripling provided an immensely enjoyable show!