Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: September 10, 2014

WOSU_pm_Inspire_1_RGBOver the past ten months, we’ve been reviewing the organization’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan.  It’s critical in these rapidly changing times to refocus our limited resources on how we, as a nonprofit public media organization, can best serve you. Our team developed six broad areas of impact and fourteen goals ranging from growing our community engagement through events, public forums and gatherings to expanding our digital offerings online and through our WOSU mobile app. We also revised the WOSU Public Media mission:

To enrich lives through content and experiences that engage, inform, and inspire.

The mission is simple. Just twelve words. Yet it reflects our passion to enrich lives.  Such a mission sets us apart from commercial media and broadens our scope. The final word in the mission statement is also important. We want, through our efforts, to inspire. In the emails and letters we receive from you, that word is often a constant.

We may inspire through an entertaining and thoughtful documentary series like Columbus Neighborhoods or The Roosevelts; through the classical and operatic music provided by Classical 101; or by growing a deeper understanding of our world as you listen to 89.7 NPR News.

To inspire is to motivate, to encourage, to stir your senses. The word has the Latin root, spirare, which means “to breathe.” In other words, it’s essential to life.

At our best, we inspire you. At all other times, it’s what we seek to do. We hope you agree it’s the perfect word for driving our organization’s future.