Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: October 6, 2013

The National Football League, a multibillion-dollar commercial juggernaut, presides over America’s indisputable national pastime. But the NFL is under assault as thousands of former players and a host of scientists claim the league has covered up how football inflicted long-term brain injuries on many players. As the professional football season begins, you won’t hear ESPN or CBS or any of their paid announcers discuss this documentary.  Just weeks ago, after a long relationship with the producers at FRONTLINE, ESPN decided to bow out of what was a co-production.  We hope you will tune into this important two hour investigative documentary – LEAGUE OF DENIAL – Tuesday night, October 8th at 9 pm on WOSU TV.  You will never watch football in the same way again.

For a commentary about the NFL and the documentary, listen to NPR’s Frank Deford.