Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: November 26, 2010

I see several stories this week about the 1950 Ohio State-Michigan game played at Ohio Stadium in 5 degree temps with 30 mile per hour winds and snow. The blizzard bowl was a tough loss for the Buckeyes and was blamed on a controversial coaching decision that led to the only Michigan touchdown. A new coach came to town the following year — Woody Hayes. Of course, it was WOSU radio that was on the spot with the play by play of the game. WOSU’s announcer from that game, Marv Homan, was quoted in the Mansfield paper and described the game in a previous interview as follows – “The field was totally covered with snow. What many people don’t realize is that the game was played with half the field covered with a tarpaulin because it was frozen to the ground. It didn’t matter because there was so much snow on it. There were times when it snowed so hard I could not see the other side of the field,” said Homan, who estimated a foot of snow had accumulated on the field by the end of the game. “It was totally enveloped in snow.” Makes 35 degrees and partly cloudy sound pretty good!

WOSU has a rich history of covering Ohio State sports on radio and television. That has gone by the wayside now due to the expansion of TV network coverage of games and big money radio contracts. Last year was the final year WOSU covered live sports on WOSU AM with our play-by-play of the OSU Women’s baskeball games. Here is some of what we believe to be Homan doing play by play combined with some silent film of the game.

  • Terisilver

    I started out as an intern at WOSU 820. My last radio airdate was on 820 (December 20, 2008). Irony. But t’s a new dcay and I’m ready for 89.7 (again) … can you use an anchor? :)))) Really …

  • Terisilver

    Make that, a new day. LOL

  • donald138

    I would like to congratulate WOSU about its programming decisions regarding the switch to the FM dial for both classical programming and all news and interview programs.

    Also, I really appreciate having the BBC World News America. It is interesting to get a somewhat different perspective on the news. I found it entertaining that the BBC program spent an entire show reporting on the sentencing of Michael Jackson’s doctor.

  • Bob Batina

    B-o-o-o-o-o ! I am sad to see WOSU am go to 89.7 fm. I listened to Bluegrass Ramble on my 60 year old Crosley floor radio for a long time. Nothing sounds as good as old time radio on an old time radio. Sure, I can pick it up on my Japanese fm radio, but it will never be the same.

  • Debra

    What was the name of the classical piece used as a theme song for “In the Bookstall?