Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: September 2, 2010

I’ve been so lucky in my career to work at three amazing Universities. I spent six years at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi), where I completed a Master’s degree in Journalism and helped produce the football show and many documentaries about the state. Then, I spent 13 years at the University of Alabama, where I taught and directed their public TV and radio center. Since 2003, I’ve had an incredible time at Ohio State with WOSU.

There is that same feeling at every campus when it comes to the excitement of the opening game. You are undefeated and have high hopes. At Ole Miss, our hope was just to win 6-7 games. Here, it’s a different story. Today, the parking lot at Fawcett Center at Ohio State, where WOSU lives, is packed with tailgaters wearing buckeye gear and those buckeye necklaces (poisonous, by the way) with OSU flags and tents everywhere. Ohio State kicks off its season with Marshall tonight at 7:30 pm. It seems very strange to open the season on a Thursday night, but we’ll get through it.

Whether its the oval at OSU, the quad at Alabama or the grove at Ole Miss, this is a time to gather and see old friends and tell old lies and cheer on your favorite team. I am hoping for the ultimate this year — a national championship game between my new favorite college team Ohio State and one of my favorite campuses in the world, #1 Alabama. That would be something.

So, enjoy a hotty toddy (Ole Miss slang) and Roll Tide and Go Bucks!