Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: May 21, 2012

Looking for information about the best diet if you’re over 50?  Information about adult caregiving?  How to plan for your retirement? Find all that and more on a new dynamic website provided by WOSU Public Media called Next Avenue!

America is in the midst of an age boom. The 50+ population in America is projected to be 127 million in 2030.

In response, WOSU Public Media  introduces Next Avenue, an extensive new website.  Next Avenue will engage, inspire and inform the more than 100 million people who are transitioning into what many see as a new life stage in human development – a stage between young adulthood and “old old.”  This web site is tailored to engage the 50+ population and help them plan for these “bonus years” as the most comprehensive, accessible, intelligent, and thought-provoking daily stop for this growing audience.

WOSU is one of 73 Next Avenue affiliates bringing this important service to our community. When users log in to www.nextavenue.org  at the top of the home page they will see local information integrated within the site (be sure to choose WOSU as your local station). We plan to localize more information in the months to come, but it is full of important information now about adult caregiving, retirement planning, and more.  Check it out!