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Written by: Nick Houser
Date: July 16, 2014

next-avenue-cbus300bIt’s Not The Years In Your Life, It’s The Life In Your Years

Join WOSU Public Media for a launch event announcing the Next Avenue CBus initiative and local website. The launch event will take place on Thursday, July 24 at WOSU@COSI with a reception at 5pm with the workshop to follow from 5:30-6:30pm.

Next Avenue CBus is the local application of a PBS national initiative that features an inclusive, vibrant, congenial and virtual gathering room for curious learners to come together, discover and explore a constellation of trustworthy, inspirational, entertaining and actionable content specifically tailored to the concerns and interests of the 50+ generation.

With a dynamic digital presence at this new community gathering room will feature articles and blog posts from local citizens focused on topics most important to this generation: Living & Learning, Work & Purpose, and Well-Being. Next Avenue CBus will also offer forums and workshops through Next Avenue CBus Salons, in-person panels and interactive learning opportunities hosted at WOSU@COSI.

The Task Force behind Next Avenue CBus, a dedicated group of engaged volunteers, includes local civic and community leaders: Jan Allen, Joyce Craddock, Sharron Kornegay, Cindy Lazarus, Barbara Riley, John Schuster, Lynn Wallich and Judy Yesso.

Next Avenue CBus: “Retiring Retirement” Launch
Thursday, July 24 at WOSU@COSI
Reception: 5pm / Workshop: 5:30 – 6:30pm

Next Avenue CBus is brought to you by WOSU Public Media, taking you from Sesame Street, to your Next Avenue.