Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: December 28, 2010

untitled1hd-logo-300x217For the best radio broadcast quality, you might consider upgrading to a HD Radio. Our listeners have consistently given rave reviews about the quality of our digital broadcast signal on 89.7 FM. If you have an HD Radio and go to 89.7 FM, you will find it identified as 89.7-1. That means it is channel 1 and we actually carry three channels. If you click the tuner to the next slot, it doesn’t leave 89.7, but goes to 89.7-2 for channel 2. That is where you will find our all-day classical music station, Classical 101. This is a great alternative for home listening. Signal patterns vary, so if you can’t get a good signal at 101.1 FM, you might have better luck with 89.7 FM.

For basic answers to questions about HD Radio, go to the WOSU website.
Checkout the latest reviews of some of the newest HD Radio offerings from a Businessweek article just published. You can also browse a number of online retailers and get lots of info on HD Radio from this general HD Radio information site.

The latest announcement about HD Radio in your car comes from VW through a December 21, 2010 press release:
“Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced today that with the introduction of Model Year 2012, customers of models with the touch screen radio Premium VIII will be able to enjoy the many benefits that HD Radio Technology delivers, including crystal-clear digital sound, additional local digital channels on the FM dial, program service data, as well as the popular iTunes® Tagging feature. With Model Year 2012, Volkswagen brings the digital sound quality of HD Radio Technology to the masses by making it a standard feature in Premium VIII radio.”

Here is a quick video called HD Radio 101 that you might find helpful: