Written by: Tom Rieland
Date: January 30, 2014

WOSU's John Prosek directing the live multi camera announcement of Ohio State's new President on Thursday.  Photo: Tom Rieland

WOSU’s John Prosek directing the live multi camera announcement of Ohio State’s new President on Thursday. Photo: Tom Rieland

Get used to new OSU President Michael Drake.

Though he didn’t wear a bow tie today, he can teach you how to tie one on a You Tube video.  He’s also rumored to play a mean guitar.  Yet, he comes across as a quiet, thoughtful, articulate leader. He is an ophthalmologist who we will count on for great vision in the years to come.  To quote from his speech upon accepting the position:

“It is a tremendous honor to be asked to serve as president of The Ohio State University,” said Drake. “The university embodies and defines the mission of a modern land-grant institution. In every sense one can imagine, the university is demonstrating national leadership in developing the model for public higher education.”

WOSU covered the announcement with production manager John Prosek tucked into a corner of a hallway switching four cameras for a live satellite feed that was also the feed taken by the statewide WOSU Ohio digital station and the Ohio Channel and fed throughout the world on a web stream.  I called it up on my iPhone while watching live at the Longaberger House and comments came from across the country through OSU’s social media feeds.  News Director Mike Thompson and guest Professor Tim Gerber handled the play-by-play back at WOSU across the parking lot.

President Drake said something important early in his acceptance speech – that an key part of the land grant mission of Ohio State is “to serve the communities in which the University is situated.” Sometimes University’s need that reminder.  That they have a broader goal of extending University resources to better the community and the state – a role we take seriously at WOSU Public Media as part of OSU.

Welcome President Drake to the complexity and great opportunity that is The Ohio State University. We look forward to your June start date with great anticipation and wish you the very best.