Written by: intern
Date: July 6, 2017

High-school student David Schrader gets shots of the artwork at the Ohio Statehouse for Broad & High.


Last week, I had the privilege of shadowing a producer at WOSU Public Media, which proved to be an opportunity to learn, create and discover. I spent four days with Jackie Shafer, producer and editor of WOSU’s award-winning arts TV series, Broad & High, giving me a behind-the-scenes look at what TV producers do on a daily basis.

During my first day on the job, Jackie and I met Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus representatives at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse to talk about a potential Broad & High segment. Through the meeting, I witnessed strong interviewing technique displayed by Jackie as they discussed potential story leads. She showed interest in the chorus from the beginning of the meeting, and she collaborated with the representatives so that both of their visions were in alignment.

Later, Jackie took me back to the station, where she introduced me to the many staff members who keep the wheels turning at WOSU. I learned the basic breakdown of the public media team and listened to many fascinating stories about how some WOSU members found a fondness for media after graduating from college.

Jackie and I then went to the Ohio Statehouse, where we met with one of Broad & High’s freelance videographers, Kenny Sato, to capture the beauty of the artwork in the statehouse for an upcoming segment. During the video shoot, I acquired basic knowledge in camera handling, such as how to tilt and pan the camera to produce captivating shots.

David Schrader records video for Broad & High at the Ohio Statehouse.


The following day, Jackie and I met with Kenny again to film an interview at the Field of Corn sculptures in Dublin. We spoke with David Guion from Dublin Arts Council to discuss the yarn-bombing over the city.

David Schrader shadowed Broad & High videographers at a shoot at Dublin’s Field of Corn sculptures.


In the days to come, I compiled some of the drone footage taken during the yarn-bombing and edited the footage using the Adobe Premiere program, producing this video:


I also edited some Broad & High footage for a couple of short interstitials that will fill extra space on WOSU TV when scheduled programming ends prematurely:



During the rest of my week at WOSU, I harnessed a ton of new skills to take with me after the week was over. I learned the importance of branding on YouTube and social media, I completed the basic components of camera handling and I honed my editing skills in Adobe Premiere.

High-school student David Schrader edits Broad & High footage.


I’m beyond thankful for the many great opportunities that were presented to me at WOSU, and I look forward to entering the media world with a strong bank of knowledge.

David Schrader